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Belkin announces new digital signage solutions

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Belkin VGA CAT5e ExtendersBelkin AV360 VGA Extension CableBelkin’s new digital-signage connectivity systems are durability-tested, offering faster, more reliable installations

Belkin today announced its new AV360 modular AV system and CAT5e Extenders-connectivity solutions that enable fast digital-signage installations at longer distances and higher resolutions. Designed for use in conference rooms, higher education, and hotels, Belkin digital-signage solutions can support video displays of up to 1080p at 100 meters and up to UXGA resolution at 300 meters.

Performance and reliability are essential concerns for a successful installation, and Belkin AV360 delivers higher resolutions over longer distances than competing solutions. Using a smart modular system of cables and wall plates, AV360 provides a simple, color-coded, plug-and-play connection for digital-signage and audiovisual solutions. Its pull cap is designed to rotate 360 degrees to enable easy routing from any angle while also withstanding up to 90 pounds of pulling force.

Belkin CAT5e Extenders deliver the continuous uptime, long distances, and high resolutions that installers require. They provide long-distance, point-to-point audiovisual connections between content-management systems and public displays. Featuring better performance over greater distances, the CAT5e solution runs HDCP-compliant HDMI™ technology over a single CAT5e cable.

# AVAILABILITY April 2009 in the US and Canada
# On Display At Digital Signage Expo, Interactive Technology, February 24–26, 2009, in Las Vegas at Booth #1251
# STATISTIC According to a June 2008 iSuppli report, signage and professional display volume (displays for digital signage) is projected to grow 34% CAGR through 2012.


* AV360 Component Video* Wall-Plate Set (up to 100 ft) (AV360-CSP11-WP) – $59.99 MSRP
* AV360 Analog Video Extension Cable, 100 ft. (AV360-CSC11-100) – $478.99 MSRP
* AV360 VGA + Audio Wall-Plate Set (AV360-VSA11-WP) – $139.99 MSRP
* AV360 VGA Extension Cable, 100 ft. (AV360-VSC11-100) – $99.99 MSRP
* AV360 HDMI Wall Plate (AV360-HSH11-WP) – $389.99 MSRP
* AV360 HDMI Extension Cable, 100 ft. (AV360-HSH11-100) – $499.99 MSRP


* Easy twist-on and twist-off cap simplifies installation
* Longer distances for greater area coverage
* Higher data transfer rates at greater resolutions and distances
* Smaller cable diameters for easier conduit pulls
* Color coding for easier installations
* Assembly withstands up to 90 pounds of pulling force
* Small diameter and rounded edges navigate tight corners easily

CAT5e Extenders

* 1:1 VGA+RS232 Over CAT5e Extender (WV-VGA121-30M) – $385.99 MSRP
* 1:4 VGA Over CAT5e Extender (WV-VGA124-30M) – $1,209.99 MSRP
* 1:1 HDMI Over CAT5e Extender (WV-HD121-100M) – $ 609.99 MSRP
* 1:4 VGA Splitter (WV-VGA124-SPL) – $219.99 MSRP
* 1:4 HDMI Splitter (WV-HD124-SPL) – $389.99 MSRP


* HDMI technology over a single CAT5e cable for easier installation and reduced cost
* Better performance over greater distances
* Better overall reliability with robust design and high tolerances

About Belkin International, Inc.

Belkin provides business-class solutions that include KVM switches, LCD rack consoles, and racks and enclosures, in addition to a broad USB and cable product mix. A privately held company founded in California in 1983, Belkin has developed industry-leading innovations, prized by channel partners and end users alike for their dependability, customer service, and comprehensive warranties. Belkin has achieved over 20 consecutive years of dramatic growth and remains committed to making significant strides in the areas of research and design. For product offerings, awards, and further company information, visit

Belkin’s phenomenal growth has led to our expanding global presence. In addition to corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, we now have offices throughout Europe—in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany, among others—and in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, Shanghai, and our regional headquarters in Hong Kong.

Source: Belkin

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