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AV Planners installs Kiosk displays at the Statue of Liberty

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AV Planners_logoThis Fourth of July visitors will once again be free to visit the Statue of Liberty’s crown for the first time since 9/11.

The New York City landmark’s upper reaches are set to reopen after being closed for safety reasons after the 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. The move follows the reopening of Liberty Island in late 2001 and of the statue in 2004.

AV Planners was brought on board the project to install Samsung 460DRn-A displays on the grounds around the statue.  The kiosks contain one 46” diagonal LCD screen that is designed to withstand the elements. These displays as well as distribution and playback hardware are incased in glass and carbon fiber housings.  Unique and one off installations with special needs showcase AV Planners ability to integrate digital signage into any project.

With digital signage becoming a reliable and versatile medium for getting information across to a captive audience it is common place to see displays such as these in the most strenuous of environments.  It is no longer necessary to install costly static signage in public view.  As relevant information becomes available based on the time of year, month, or week these signs can be changed with minimal effort, and ultimately cost.  “National parks and monuments are a market that AV Planners is excited to be entering into” says Craig Heiman AV Planners President.  “We are proud to be part of the new phase of this monuments history.”

In addition to the above mentioned displays the Statue of Liberty also features improved, higher handrails on the main staircase; an enhanced the public address system; and starting this Fourth of July, stricter limits on visitors.

The National Park Service expects between 10,000 and 15,000 people to visit the 12-acre (5-hectare) Liberty Island on July 4. On any given day, though, only 240, in groups of ten, will be allowed to climb the 354 steps to the crown and gaze out its 25 windows.

“When the reservation system opened on June 13, tickets for the fourth, fifth, and sixth [of July] were sold out by 12 noon,” just two hours after sales began, said Mindi Rambo, a spokesperson for the National Parks of New York Harbor.

Source: AV Planners

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