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Digital signage a huge success at FIVB World Championships

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Omnivex software used to manage display network at 10 day world championship beach volleyball tournament

Omnivex Corporation, the premier provider of enterprise-class digital signage software, announced today that their products were used to manage a network of LCD and LED displays at the Swatch FIVB (Federation Internationale de Volleyball) World Championships held in Stavanger, Norway, June 26 – July 5. Hatteland Vision and Nordic Arena partnered to implement and manage the entire system, using Omnivex software. Viewed as the most prestigious beach volleyball event outside of the Olympic Games, the FIVB World Championship is a 10 day tournament, which was held at Vaagen Harbor dockside courts. The tournament saw the top men’s and women’s teams compete in front of over 126,000 paying spectators, for US $1 million in prize money.

Omnivex software was used to create the content and manage all of the displays. “The spectators really enjoyed watching the instant replays we showed,” said Geir Ove Finstad, managing director of Hatteland Vision. “The players, press and management all expressed their satisfaction with the system, as it allowed them to have access to the information they needed and see the game taking place, without having to leave the press room or other areas of the facility. We had a lot of really positive feedback about the whole system.”

The digital signage network featured 42 to 60 inch LCD panels throughout the facility, as well as a massive LED board on the main outdoor court. The LCD screens were used to communicate with the public and various groups in different locations at the tournament. These areas included the press room, the player’s lounge and the event management’s offices. Each of these areas had a different target audience, so content was specific to their needs; it included a live broadcast feed of the games, information about upcoming matches, tournament highlights and messages specific to the viewers.

Interestingly, the system was also used as a tool to educate spectators about the evacuation procedures they should follow in the event of an emergency. The displays clearly illustrated how and where each section of the stadium should exit and where to meet once they were outside the facility. “The digital signage was not only used as a form of entertainment, but also as a tool that could save lives in the event of an emergency. In any situation where there are a large number of people, it is vital to have procedures in place should you need to quickly evacuate the facility. The digital signage helped to clearly communicate these procedures,” said Finstad.

The event was heralded as an overwhelming success. “Apart from the Olympic Games, SWATCH FIVB World Championships presented by ConocoPhillips has been the best Beach Volleyball event ever,” said the FIVB President, Jizhong Wei, during a press conference held at the conclusion of the event. It was confirmed that Stavanger will host FIVB events until 2012.

About FIVB

The FIVB is the governing body responsible for all forms of Volleyball on a global level. Working closely with National Federations and private enterprises the FIVB promotes Volleyball competitions and development activities as entertainment and promotional factors for the enjoyment of spectators and participants while satisfying sponsors’ needs. For more information, please visit www.fivb.org.

About Hatteland Vision AS

Hatteland Vision AS, part of the Hatteland Group, is the premier digital signage integrator in the Nordic Region of Europe. They deliver complete digital signage solutions based on Omnivex software. Hatteland Vision has focused on data driven solutions and has delivered many innovative solutions through strong partners. For more information, visit www.omnivex.no.

About Nordic Arena

Nordic Arena was founded in 2002. They specialize in delivering services in to the business market, in project development, TV-video-production, and digital signage. In conjunction with Hatteland Vision AS, they are a provider of Omnivex products across Scandinavia. For more information, visit www.nordic-arena.no.

About Omnivex Corporation

Founded in 1991 in Toronto, Ontario, Omnivex Corporation is the leader in software development for digital signage networks and electronic displays. Many Fortune 500 companies and public institutions rely on Omnivex to deliver their messages to their audiences. Omnivex software is used to manage all aspects of digital signage networks, including content management, real-time data acquisition and distribution, and remote device monitoring and management. For more information, please visit www.omnivex.com.

Source: http://www.omnivex.com/press/volleyball_2009.asp

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