Thursday, June 13, 2024

NextWindow Releases Multi-Touch Accuracy with TruRange® Technology

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NextWindow, the leading manufacturer of optical touch screens, released TruRange® technology today. TruRange® accurately resolves multiple simultaneous touches on screen, allowing users to engage in true multi-touch functionality.

In addition to traditional single-touch functions, such as drag-and-drop, TruRange® provides real-time multi-touch data that can be interpreted as two-finger gestures such as pan, pinch, rotate and scroll, along with many other multi-touch functions used in gaming and entertainment programs.

“Multi-touch is becoming a standard in consumer and commercial desktop computing” said Al Monro, CEO of NextWindow. “TruRange® is an attractive solution for these markets since it provides highly accurate multi-touch at a low cost.”

OEMs have already started placing orders for NextWindow’s latest products incorporating TruRange®. TruRange® is ideal for screens above 15” and is designed for high-volume manufacturing, thus providing a truly cost effective solution.

TruRange® will be WHQL certified for Windows 7, Microsoft’s next operating system.

About NextWindow
NextWindow is a leader in touch-screen technology and a major manufacturer of optical multi-touch displays. With highly accurate, cost-effective solutions, NextWindow provides the hardware necessary to bring touch applications to life—giving software designers the freedom to create new, exciting and intuitive user interfaces. NextWindow is privately held with offices in New Zealand, Taiwan and California. More information about NextWindow is available at


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Source: NextWindow

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