June 7, 2023


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NextWindow Introduces 2700 Touch Screen Overlay for New Wave of Education and Entertainment Applications

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NextWindow 2700 Touch ScreenLarge-format overlays increasingly popular in boardrooms, classrooms and retail environments

NextWindow, the market and technology leader in optical touch screens for personal and business computing applications, is launching the 2700 Touch Overlay, a new line of multi-touch enabled touch screens, at InfoComm 09 in Orlando, Florida this week.

The NextWindow 2700 Touch Overlay turns any large display, such as a plasma or LCD, into an interactive touch screen that provides full mouse-like functionality. Users can click, drag, double-click and right-click simply by touching the screen. NextWindow will demonstrate the 2700 Touch Overlay in its booth, #2287, this week at InfoComm.

“The success of all-in-one PCs from HP, Dell and Apple has spawned a new generation of ‘touch screen-native’ consumers who simply expect computers of all shapes and sizes to be touch-enabled,” said Al Monro, CEO at NextWindow. “We are simply responding by giving the public what it wants.”

The NextWindow 2700 is ideal for public-facing applications such as digital signage or directories located in shopping malls. Visitors in a mall might use their fingers to scroll through a list of retail stores, re-size windows to view a variety of content simultaneously, or click through product videos or other interactive media. Proprietary multi-touch functionality from NextWindow enables users to pan or zoom images using simple pinch and swipe techniques.

The 2700 series also is a natural fit for business-office and classroom environments. Combined with annotation software, the NextWindow 2700 becomes an interactive whiteboard enabling executives and teachers to deliver more impactful presentations. With a finger or any pointing device, the user can annotate and highlight important information. Or, if an error is made, users can select the virtual eraser or undo feature to start over again. Interactive whiteboards are not only more versatile, dynamic and engaging, but the notes users make on-screen can be saved and emailed to everyone after the meeting.

The NextWindow 2700 utilizes sophisticated optical imaging technology and a robust design to provide a durable, full-clarity solution that is very suitable for high-traffic, public-facing applications. Since it is merely an overlay, the 2700 can be easily installed by the end user or system integrator without opening the enclosure or voiding the display warranty. Since there are no proprietary drivers to install, users are assured compatibility with most any software application. The 2700 Touch Overlay also supports Windows 7, Microsoft’s next generation operating system which will offer multi-touch functionality.

NextWindow has a long and successful history providing touch screen overlays for retail and education applications. Predecessors to the NextWindow 2700 series including the NextWindow 2400 Touch Overlay are deployed in thousands of personal and business computing environments worldwide. For more information about the NextWindow 2700 Touch Overlay visit www.nextwindow.com.

About NextWindow

NextWindow is a leader in touch-screen technology and a major manufacturer of optical multi-touch displays for OEMs, ODMs and resellers. With highly accurate, cost-effective solutions designed for personal and business use, NextWindow provides the hardware necessary to bring touch-screen technology to life—giving software designers the freedom to create exciting and intuitive applications. NextWindow is also the creator of TruRange® technology, a proprietary solution that provides users with real-time multi-touch capabilities used in gaming and entertainment programs. Founded in 2000, NextWindow is privately held with offices in New Zealand, Taiwan, California and Singapore, with manufacturing facilities throughout Asia. More information about NextWindow is available at www.nextwindow.com.

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