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Queue Management System delivered by signagelive

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Queue Management System by signageliveUsing the incredibly flexible interrupts function within signagelive, deploying a queue management system is a very simple process indeed and represents just one of hundreds of potential applications utilising interrupts.

The starting point is to choose what hardware component to use that controls the switching in order to trigger the interrupt. There are many options available which include but not limited to:


You then need to wire momentary switches for which there are several thousand to choose from to the switching control as listed above. The switching control is then connected to the PC that is running the signagelive software.

Queue Management System_joyboxEssentially the interrupt works based on a key press or mouse click. So for example:

Cashier #1 = Keyboard press A
Cashier #2 = Keyboard press B
Cashier #3 = Keyboard press C
Cashier #4 = Keyboard press D
Cashier #5 = Keyboard press E
Cashier #6 = Keyboard press F
Cashier #7 = Keyboard press G

1) The http://www.anycom.se/products/joybox/ comes with some software so that you can configure it to replicate a key press (as if a keyboard was connected to the PC (signagelive player) e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc… So the momentary switch will be located near to each cashier and the cable will run to the joybox.

2) Then you connect the switching control into the signagelive player (PC).

3) You then log into signagelive and create a playlist for each cashier with a single piece of content e.g. attached video. So Playlist 1, Playlist 2, Playlist 3 etc… or just assign an asset to the interrupt.

4) Finally you then configure in signagelive which playlist is to be played when one of momentary switches is pressed which will then interrupt the current/default playlist with a call to the next cashier.

Source: Signagelive

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