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New Digital Media and Signage Platform From Celstream Technologies Delivers Cost-Effective, Flexible Integration

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Celstream_logoInfoComm 2009, Booth #2384 — PointMediaPro™, a new digital media and signage platform designed to eliminate the complexity and rigid, error-prone interfaces inherent in many of today’s digital signage systems, was unveiled by Celstream Technologies at InfoComm 2009, the largest and most comprehensive pro-AV event in the world. PointMediaPro is based on a flexible, modular, open-standards platform that integrates easily into the existing workflows and media sources. With PointMediaPro, system integrators (SIs), value-added resellers (VARs) and digital signage solution providers for the media and infotainment industries can benefit from cost-effective and timely integration unavailable with other off-the-shelf digital signage software solutions.

SIs and VARs can deploy PointMediaPro across a range of infrastructures. Ideal for sports arenas, theatres, casinos and other venues, PointMediaPro’s scalable, server-based system can be adapted for specialized dynamic content applications where the data source may not be directly accessible due to security restrictions. This is an important feature for systems, such as those used in the gaming and wagering markets, which require additional point-to-point security across the network, along with specialized proof-of-display and display performance requirements.

PointMediaPro’s distributed scheduling engine also offers precise control of media files and dynamically orchestrates content and information displays specific to the venue, allowing for variances in content based on time of day, or day of the week.

Additionally, the platform’s integrated network distribution engine allows for efficient use of network resources, including prioritization and scheduling of transfers. For example, in the event that specialized communication conditions are required, PointMediaPro can leverage a number of extensions to address low-bandwidth connections or mixed communication framework systems. The platform also can be configured with an alternative data return path, which can be used for proof of play or system status.

Commenting on the launch, “We are excited with the announcement of PointMediaPro, which will add significant capabilities for SIs and VARs in the digital signage market,” said Ranga Raj, chief technology officer, Celstream. “The revolutionary approach will enable them to take on large scale projects that involve complex media workflows that meeting their customers’ business objectives in a cost-effective manner.”

Flexibility and modularity support diverse standards and protocols

When it comes to the usage of diverse network standards and protocols for schedule and content transfer to individual media players, PointMediaPro platform offers great flexibility for system integrators and VARs. The platform supports a range of PC-based or set-top box media players, including limited-function solid-state systems, Linux® and Microsoft® platforms.

Systems integrators and VARs also can integrate PointMediaPro into a variety of live video distribution techniques used for applications in the media and infotainment industry. With its modular video decoder, it can support a range of data formats over both multicast and unicast networks.

“The high-value video network design capabilities afforded by PointMediaPro will enable system integrators and VARs to provide their end-user customers with incremental value-added services,” continued Raj. “We believe that resellers that blend AV and IT skills are the best resource for customers to utilize in designing and deploying a digital signage system. They can offer their customers a broad portfolio of elements required for digital signage deployments including media players, content strategies, and service programs. We are pleased to help these resellers in establishing new revenue streams that are sure to grow as digital signage becomes more prevalent within the media and infotainment industries, and expands into other arenas such as hospitality, healthcare and retail.”

About PointMediaPro

PointMediaPro is a digital signage solution for the infotainment and the hospitality markets from Celstream Technologies, an established technology company with global operations across the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. The company serves the Media & Entertainment, Consumer Electronic and Print & Publishing industries. More information on the product can be found at For further information on Celstream, please visit

For any queries, call +1 877 275-2357 in the U.S; +91-80-41191919 in India; +49-89-5908-2109 in Europe; or +61-2-94160475 in Australia.

Source: Celstream

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