Friday, September 22, 2023
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WIN&I Media Viewer for Kinect for Windows released

Evoluce released the WIN&I Media Viewer for Kinect for Windows today. Users can present their images, videos, PowerPoint slides and PDF pages with simple...

Evoluce SDK for Kinect released

The Evoluce SDK for Kinect and Windows 7 is now available and enables developers to create noncommercial applications with a natural user experience. The...

Evoluce TWO controls Microsoft Surface SDK applications with Kinect

The Evoluce TWO combines the power of the Kinect sensor with the amazing possibilities of surface computing experiences. Up to four users can work,...

Evoluce unveils new display generation gesture control with integrated 3D sensors

The leading provider of large-format multitouch displays, and natural user software Evoluce, introduces a new generation of displays with non-contact and multi-touch gesture control...

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