Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Emarson IT Solutions

Minicom Digital Signage & Emarson IT Solutions Launch DS Vision Digital at Digital Signage Event in India

DS Vision Digital is Minicom DS's new solution for Media Distribution & Remote Display Management with Proof of Performance technology includedMinicom Digital Signage, the...

Minicom Digital Signage brings successful “Digital Signage Expert Tour” to Emarson’s Digital Signage event in India

Minicom Digital Signage, the leader in “last mile” player-to-screen connectivity platforms for the Digital Signage marketplace, in partnership with Emarson ITSolutions, announced this week,...

Emarson plans to provide digital signage for Indian Army

Emarson IT Solutions, a digital signage provider is exploring opportunities of providing digital signage for the Indian Army. Prateek Jaswant, CEO and Co-founder of...

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