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Neoti Launches World’s First PANTONE Validated dvLED Display, the UHD Pro XF+

Neoti, a leading innovator in dvLED video display technology, recently announced a significant achievement—their new UHD Pro XF+ has become the world’s first LED display to earn both PANTONE™ Validated and PANTONE™ SkinTone™ Validations. This prestigious recognition marks a notable advancement in achieving color accuracy in LED displays.

The UHD Pro XF+ leverages cutting-edge technology to ensure authentic color reproduction that adheres to PANTONE’s rigorous standards for color fidelity. With a 26-bit color depth and equipped with InfiniteColor technology, this display maintains consistent color uniformity and fidelity over time, setting a new benchmark for the LED industry. It is designed to support immersive 3D performance and multi-image framesync without inducing viewer fatigue.

Senior Global Director of Product and Licensing at Pantone, Iain Pike, praised the collaborative efforts with Neoti, emphasizing that the validations are a testament to Neoti’s capability to authentically reproduce PANTONE colors and skin tones. This achievement allows Neoti to demonstrate their commitment to delivering true color fidelity to their customers.

Derek Myers, CEO of Neoti, stressed the importance of adhering to high color standards in the LED industry, comparable to those in the printing sector. “Our goal is to display content with precise color fidelity consistently over time,” Myers stated. The UHD Pro XF+ is engineered to meet these stringent requirements across all applications.

The display’s unique design integrates both the display and controller, engineered by the same team, to enhance color output using an advanced color space engine. This technology also enables the display to achieve the deepest black levels and smooth gradients, even at very low brightness levels, suitable for various lighting conditions.

Neoti is set to showcase the UHD Pro XF+ at the NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas and at InfoComm 2024 in June. A special press conference, including a product unveiling and a Q&A session with experts from PANTONE and Neoti, is scheduled to provide deeper insights into this new technology.

Founded in 2006, Neoti has established itself as a global leader in video display solutions, offering a wide array of products for industries ranging from broadcast and government to retail and entertainment. The company is dedicated to upholding its core values of putting people first, leveraging technology expertise, maintaining total commitment, and providing world-class support.

For more details on the UHD Pro XF+ and to explore Neoti’s product offerings, visit their official website at https://www.neoti.com/

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