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PPDS Introduces First ‘Entry Level’ Philips Public LED 5000 Series to the LED Market

Amsterdam – PPDS, the exclusive provider of Philips Professional Displays, introduces a game-changing entry into the direct view LED (dvLED) market with its Philips Public LED 5000 Series. Aimed at transforming public spaces through elevated viewing experiences, this new series promises affordability and versatility for businesses worldwide.

A New Era of Visual Engagement

The Philips Public LED 5000 Series marks PPDS‘s first venture into entry-level dvLED solutions, designed to enhance indoor public environments like retail spaces, corporate offices, cinemas, and more. This launch signifies a strategic move to meet growing market demands for accessible and high-quality visual display technologies.

Jeroen Brants, Global Product Director for Philips dvLED displays at PPDS, emphasizes the series’ role in democratizing LED technology for broader business applications, highlighting its investment-friendly approach as a direct response to market needs.

Versatility and Performance at Its Core

The series features two panel sizes – 44″ and 28″, with options for different pixel pitches to cater to various viewing distances, enhancing its adaptability to different spaces and architectural designs. With up to 500 nit brightness and 150-degree viewing angles, it ensures optimal visual performance.

Notably, the Philips Public LED 5000 Series introduces a novel feature for PPDS – support for ceiling-mounted installations, alongside traditional wall mounting, broadening its applicability across diverse environments.

Innovation in Installation and Sustainability

Efficiency and eco-friendliness stand at the forefront of the Philips Public LED 5000 Series design. Installation times are halved compared to traditional panels, thanks to a board-to-board design enabling a cable-free setup. The series also boasts an eco-friendly packaging initiative, aligning with PPDS’s commitment to sustainability.

Global Access and Support

Available globally, including in key markets such as EMEA, India, North America, and APAC, the Philips Public LED 5000 Series is set to redefine indoor public displays. PPDS extends an invitation to partners and customers to experience the new series firsthand in PPDS Studios across multiple locations.

Martijn van der Woude, VP of Global Marketing and Business Development at PPDS, reflects on the company’s rapid advancement in the dvLED market, attributing its success to listening to and efficiently responding to partner needs. The Philips Public LED 5000 Series is a testament to PPDS’s commitment to innovation, affordability, and quality in professional displays.

For more info on PPDS dvLED visit: https://www.ppds.com/display-solutions/led-videowall-display

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