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Origin Displays Teams with B&H Precision to Develop New Drive-thru

Origin Displays Drive-thru Digital Menu Boards_1 Strategic partnership triggers growth in the QSR industry for Origin Displays and B&H Precision

In June 2012, Origin Display Group Inc., a leading supplier of indoor, outdoor, and digital menu boards, and B&H Precision Metal Fabricators formed an official partnership. B&H Precision Fabricators, Inc., specializes in precision sheet metal fabrication for the Medical, Computer, Aircraft, Electronics and Architectural Industries and has done so since 1978. Their laser cutting technology has extended their experience to many additional verticals requiring precision fabrication.

Back in June the goal and objective of this arrangement was to have the manufacturing and fabrication of various products completed by B&H while the printing of the corresponding graphics would be done by Origin Displays. The result of this partnership has exceeded both their expectations. It has allowed Origin to be much more competitively priced in these areas and has afforded them the ability to manage projects from beginning to end. Meanwhile, B&H has been able to parlay the menu board work in to other, non-competing, areas of QSR restaurants; a place previously untouched by them. Encouraged by their parallel growth with the interior signage they have teamed up once again to develop a new, state-of-the-art drive-thru.

Drawing on their marketing research and results from polling their customers, Origin Displays realizes that the time is now to bring a new alternative to the drive-thru scene. The data leads them to believe that graphic space, energy consumption and of course price, are the three areas for improvement. Origin Displays Partner, Mike Lella, elaborates; “what we have seen is that the companies that provide the lowest price points tend to lack in quality. The opposite can be said for those that we see as overpriced. Believe it or not there is a large gap in between where we feel we can hang our hat while maintaining a high level of quality. Thankfully we are able to tap in to the experts at B&H to bring a durable and energy efficient solution to the forefront.”

Origin and B&H are taking their time to develop this solution. Beyond the engineering and prototyping, they want to make sure that they hit the points most important to their consumers. Jared Bartholomew, B&H’s Vice President of Operations, talks about it from their standpoint; “just like Origin has a lot of trust in us, we have a lot of trust in them. We are relying on their industry knowledge to guide us to the ideal solution. In between all of that there are a number of considerations from a fabrication standpoint to keep in mind- integrity of the metal against weather, how the graphics will be held in place, the viewing angles from a wide range of cars, and the list goes on and on. At the end of the day these are the projects we live for and we are going to enjoy the process.”

Origin and B&H expect that the new drive-thru will be unveiled sometime between June and August 2013.

Source: Origin Displays

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