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Stratacache Hits Milestone: 100K Digital Drive-Thru Displays Worldwide

Stratacache, a leading provider of digital display solutions, today proudly announced a significant milestone in its journey. The company’s innovative AMP™ software, Spectra™ Player, and Elevate™ Outdoor Display Enclosure solutions have been deployed in over 100,000 screens in quick service restaurant (QSR) drive-thrus globally. This achievement underscores Stratacache’s commitment to revolutionizing the QSR industry through advanced technology solutions.

Innovative Solutions Transforming QSRs

A substantial portion of these deployments involves Stratacache’s own Elevate™ Outdoor Display Enclosure system, manufactured in their Trotwood, Ohio facility. The company’s technology is currently driving advancements in seven of the top 10 largest global QSR brands. Their offerings include digital menu boards, self-order kiosks, order pickup systems, and innovative uses of artificial intelligence for menu personalization and back-of-house employee communication solutions.

Addressing Industry Challenges with Technology

Stratacache’s CEO, Chris Riegel, highlighted the company’s focus on tackling real-world challenges in the QSR sector, such as labor shortages and inflation, through technology. “Our ability to improve the sales yield of any QSR by 3% or more, while providing mass personalization of menus and improved customer experiences, is a game-changer,” said Riegel. He emphasized that these advancements not only enhance customer service but also contribute to lowering labor costs and increasing profitability for QSR operators.

A Future-Proof and Sustainable Approach

Stratacache’s outdoor digital menu boards are designed with a modular concept, ensuring ultra-efficient field service and easy upgrades. The high-quality, sensor-rich Elevate™ Outdoor digital menu board platforms are built to last over 10 years, utilizing advanced sensors and the SAINT™ Artificial Intelligence engine to drive a positive sales growth of 3% or more at drive-thrus.

Looking Ahead: Expanding Horizons

With a robust order book for 2024 and 2025, Stratacache anticipates surpassing 250,000 screens by the first quarter of 2025. “The opportunities continue to materialize for our business based on the success of our customers,” Riegel remarked, highlighting the company’s forward momentum.

For more information about Stratacache and their outdoor digital display solutions, visit https://www.stratacache.com/en/solutions/outdoor-digital-displays/

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