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Advertising Revenues Grow 49% Elemidia Of The Half

Among the positive results achieved by the Network Elemidia in the first half, 49% growth in advertising revenue is one of the entertainers to support its expansion plans over the next 12 months. “The interests of agencies and advertisers is growing and the digital out of home is well established, when it comes to assembling a strategic media plan and efficiently,” says commercial director Network Elemidia, Raphael Jimenez.

With the continued growth of the industry out of the home country – which expanded 20% in 2011 and is projected to repeat this result by the end of this year, leading Elemidia records the arrival, often spontaneous, new advertisers and the return of many brands who were successful in previous campaigns broadcast on their screens – distributed in 49 Brazilian cities, 20 states, as well as Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Among the advertisers who debuted on the Net in the first half of this year are the Operator Hi, Avon, Honda Motorcycles, AlphaVille Urbanism and Pantene; beyond the BRF, which commissioned a national campaign for all Group brands, with broadcasting target only the environment formed by shops of Sugar Loaf. C & A, Brastemp and Casas Bahia, who already have Elemidia in history, returned to invest in the middle of this year.

And in the air, this July, the monitors Elemidia convey national or regional campaigns for brands FNAC, Amex, Honda, Outback and Universal Studios, among others, with running time periods ranging up to December.

About Network Elemidia

Founded in 2003, the Network Elemidia hit the market with a mission to turn the elevators on a new vehicle of mass media, with high power segmentation. Today, beyond the elevators of office buildings that became known in the market, the operations of the network are distributed also in other environments such as shopping malls, hotels, universities, academies, premium bars and supermarkets.

Present in 49 cities of 20 Brazilian states, as well as Buenos Aires, Elemidia became the largest operator of digital out of home media in Latin America. The company now has 9,300 monitors in operation and audience of more than 16 million people impacted by week.

Source: Network Elemidia

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