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New Virtual Mannequins Provide Retailtainment

Express Image Virtual MannequinsExpress Image, a leader in printed graphic solutions, recently unveiled the next generation of their digital signage solutions, the Active Graphics Virtual Mannequin.

As retail customers hit stores these days, they expect a state-of-the-art shopping experience. A store’s environment can actually affect whether a customer will shop or not. Recently launched at Express Image, Active Graphics Virtual Mannequins can help retailers personally connect with shoppers.

The Virtual Mannequins communicate important brand messages using the very latest in projected imaging and audio-visual technology to create the illusion of a real person. Delivering custom tailored messages, an Active Graphics Virtual Mannequin can be used as a greeter at retail store-front entrances, as a spokesperson at trade shows, as a salesperson throughout retail departments, or anywhere else you may want to communicate a consistent brand message or interact with your customers.

“Now more than ever, it is critical to enhance the in-store experience,” said Michael Sloan, Executive Vice President of Express Image. “Customers are looking for a unique retail environment that speaks to their specific interests. Our Virtual Mannequins offer consistent and personalized messages from the retailer that will increase conversions and improve their average transaction value.”

Need to change your message from time to time? Remote media management allows messaging for the Virtual Mannequin to be managed and scheduled remotely using a wireless Internet connection. This allows for a full range of messages to be scheduled to play at various times and locations, and makes it easy to change your message at any point in time.

To schedule a meeting and see how an Active Graphics Virtual Mannequin may benefit your company, please contact mikes [at] expressimage.com.

About Express Image:
For over 60 years, Express Image has been helping OEM and Point of Purchase Retail customers by engineering exceptional Indoor/Outdoor decals and Large Format Indoor graphic printing solutions. With top-notch equipment, experienced employees and continual research and testing to ensure customers receive products that meet their quality and durability standards, Express Image solutions are custom tailored to meet customer’s needs today, and can be scaled to fit their business tomorrow.

Source: Express Image

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