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DisplayLink USB Virtual Graphics Technology Enables Low-Power, Low-Cost Embedded Displays

Starter Kits will Aid Manufacturers and OEMs to Enhance Applications for POS, Security, Digital Signage, Control, and Transportation

DisplayLink®, the leading provider of technology for virtual graphics and USB-connected computing, announced today that it will provide technology starter kits in a push to encourage more manufacturers to embed DisplayLink virtual graphics and USB connectivity in a wide range of display applications from household appliances and vehicles to digital signage, point-of-sale hardware, or security controls that might require a touch panel controller, a bar code reader or any other kind HMI device.

“Many of today’s “intelligent” embedded applications are required to provide detailed information to the consumer in multiple displays via different/remote locations,” said Dennis Crespo, executive vice-president of marketing and business development for DisplayLink. “DisplayLink’s DL-1×5 series of USB graphics ASIC devices with their high-bandwidth and low latency features are an attractive solution and a major advantage to manufactures who can see the profit potential of running multiple, low-power, low-cost displays without additional hardware.”

In addition to consumer electronics, DisplayLink sees potential applications where it is advantageous to run an external device without a power cord, delivering current via a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 cable. Particularly in low-latency situations with a short range, USB serves better than Ethernet for embedded virtual graphics.

“With this technology, bringing high-performance virtual graphics and USB connectivity to their consumers in a small board footprint is easy, convenient, rapid, and economical,” continued Mr. Crespo.

DisplayLink embedded solutions are proven and have been deployed in the field by several partners, including Microbus Ltd. for an emergency medical application.

“We are using DisplayLink’s embedded technology in our rugged vehicle-based PC’s as part of ambulance information systems that provide critical control center communications,” said Richard Blake, sales and marketing director for Microbus.  “The performance provides the simultaneous, dual operation of different applications that improves operational efficiency and, consequently, leads to fast emergency response times.”

For more information about the DisplayLink Embedded Solutions visit:  http://displaylink.com/embedded/index.php. To order a starter kit, contact Display Solutions at sales [at] display-solution.com and request the USB Controller Board d.screen USB Hybrid.

About DisplayLink

DisplayLink Corp develops hardware and software solutions to enable easy connectivity between computers and displays over standard interfaces such as USB, Ethernet and wireless networks. DisplayLink technology is used in dozens of globally branded PC accessories including monitors, universal docking stations, display adapters, projectors, and zero client systems that make expansion of the desktop visual workspace possible, at significantly lower cost and energy usage than traditional solutions.

DisplayLink is ranked the fourth fastest-growing EMEA Company by Deloitte, and was awarded the CES 2011 Best of Innovation Award Honoree in the Enabling Technologies category for its Interactive Networked Graphics for SuperSpeed USB. For more information and product details, visit the DisplayLink Shop and follow DisplayLink on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

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