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313@somerset: Pioneering Digital Advertising with QRBoards

313@somerset has become the first shopping mall to integrate digital advertising media inventory, programs, and activities with the installation of 27 QRBoards™ in restrooms, lift lobbies, and standing areas. This initiative offers a compelling digital advertising space for advertisers and brands, aiming to enhance the shopping experience and provide infotainment for visitors.

Enhancing Shopper Engagement

MOSAIC MediaHouse announced the rollout of these QRBoards™ starting in August. The 27 QRBoards™ will be strategically placed across the mall, with 16 in restrooms, 8 in lift lobbies, and 3 in standing areas. Three screens will be dedicated to broadcasting sustainability messages, complementing 313@somerset’s existing eco-friendly initiatives such as rainwater collection for irrigation and energy-saving features on escalators.

Expanding Digital Reach

Gauthier Provost, Director of Operations at MOSAIC MediaHouse, highlighted the strategic importance of 313@somerset’s location. “With approximately 3 million visitors a month and a diverse range of retailers, 313@somerset offers a prime venue for our digital network. We are confident that advertisers will effectively engage consumers through our QRBoards™.”

Amy Lim, General Manager of 313@somerset, expressed her enthusiasm for the project. “We are proud to lead in providing such an interactive experience. The QRBoards™ will engage our fashionable and tech-savvy shoppers, enhancing their overall shopping experience.”

Strategic Placement and Benefits

Situated at the heart of Orchard Road, 313@somerset is easily accessible, being directly above Somerset MRT station. The mall is poised to become Singapore’s leading retail destination, catering to mid-level fashion and food enthusiasts. The innovative QRBoard™ solution from MOSAIC MediaHouse is expected to enhance the mall’s advertising and promotional activities by targeting young, trendy, and tech-savvy shoppers.

Key benefits of the QRBoard™ solution include:

  • Informing and Entertaining Shoppers: Digital advertisements provide engaging content.
  • Driving Retail Traffic: Targeted advertisements draw visitors to explore new retail outlets.
  • Enhancing Mobile Interactivity: 2D barcode (QR Code) allows brands to connect with consumers through videos, games, vouchers, and product browsing, set to launch in Q4 of 2011.

About MOSAIC MediaHouse

MOSAIC MediaHouse is developing a digital advertising network across Singapore’s lifestyle venues, including malls, museums, restaurants, and clubs. Their innovative QRBoard™ solution combines Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising with mobile and web marketing, offering cross-platform capabilities that benefit advertisers and consumers alike.

About 313@somerset

313@somerset is a premier retail development by Lend Lease in Asia, marking its first greenfield development on Singapore’s Orchard Road. The mall focuses on providing a unique customer experience with mid-level fashion and food offerings, enhanced by innovative advertising solutions like the QRBoards™.

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