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Screen Network Launches Second Super Screen in Katowice, Dubbed “Silesian Times Square”

Screen Network, a leader in Poland’s digital out-of-home advertising market, has announced the launch of its second large-format screen in Katowice. The new digital billboard, installed on the facade of Galeria Katowicka, is designed to enhance the urban landscape and serve as a prime advertising medium in the bustling city center.

The new screen, measuring 153 square meters, generates over 90,000 daily impressions. Strategically placed above the main entrance of Galeria Katowicka, it is located in a high-traffic area adjacent to the city’s main railway station, a central hub in the Katowice metropolitan area. The addition of this screen complements another Screen Network display on the station’s facade, collectively transforming the area into what the company dubs the “Silesian Times Square.”

This screen is the largest transparent display in Poland, utilizing Unilumin’s UVF10.4 technology. It features a transparency that allows natural light to enter the building while maintaining high visibility for outdoor viewers. The screen offers exceptional brightness of 8,000 nits, high resolution, strong contrast, and excellent viewing angles, ensuring clear visuals even in direct sunlight.

The Super Screen offers a flexible broadcast model and supports interactive advertising campaigns that can be triggered by various data sources, such as weather conditions, sports scores, and time of day. The curved structure of the building also enables the display of anamorphic 3D animations. Furthermore, the implementation of Programmatic DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) allows for automated and real-time optimization of advertising campaigns.

Agnieszka Godlewska, CEO of Screen Network, emphasized the screen’s role in the local community: “Modern technology is contributing to the positive transformation of this area, making it a focal point of urban dynamics and social interactions. Our screens are not just advertising tools but integral parts of the urban landscape, much like Times Square in New York City.”

Screen Network operates a network of over 20,000 digital screens located in key areas of major cities, including railway stations, airports, shopping malls, post offices, and gyms across Poland. Their proprietary content management system allows for real-time adjustments to displayed messages, making their screens highly responsive to current events and customer needs.


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