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SureVu…Digital Image Verification

Manufacturing Resources International, Inc. (MRI) is pleased to announce a new product feature that provides for positive verification that correct content / images are being displayed on remote mounted Digital Displays.

The new SureVu™ Digital Image Verification system obscures a 0.25” x 0.25” area in the top corner of the display under which a sequential test pattern, not visible to the observer, is injected by MRI electronics during normal content presentation.  This test pattern provides feedback to an RGBW photo sensor that continuously monitors not only the presence of the test pattern, but also the luminance, color saturation, gray scale, and contrast ratio performance of the image.  In addition, lack of this feedback will provide immediate indication that the image has been lost completely or the in-correct image / content is being displayed.

Now available as an option on all versions of MRI’s BoldVu™ line of Indoor and Outdoor Digital Displays, the SureVu™ feature eliminates the question of “Is your display on and is it running the correct content…are you sure?” This is especially important for Display systems that are managed / controlled from a remote location. Advanced diagnostics, standard on all MRI products, provides the bi-directional monitoring, interface and control.

One major  benefit of this new “Are-You-On” feature is that operators can verify that content is being displayed at all times and it eliminates the embarrassing call that the display is black and has been for 3 days. Advertisers will be pleased to know that the correct content is being displayed without interruption.

For more information, please contact:
MRI, Inc
1600 Union Hill Road
Alpharetta, GA 30005
info [at] mri-inc.net

Source: Manufacturing Resources International

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