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Titan installs MRI digital displays to capture sports fans in Philly

MRI Titan Double Sided Display at PhillyIn order to reach loyal sports fans on their way to and from games, Titan recently rolled out MRI 57” digital displays this summer in three locations throughout SEPTA’s (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s) popular AT&T Station.

With an interest in expanding their installations in the Philadelphia market, Titan chose AT&T Station, a highly trafficked end station that services fans traveling to the South Philadelphia Sports Complex. This complex includes a combination of three sports venues that house Philadelphia’s major sports teams including the NHL Flyers, the NFL Eagles, the MLB Phillies and the NBA 76ers.

MRI (Manufacturing Resources International) was awarded the contract to partner with Titan on the rollout of these digital displays.  A partnership MRI VP Peter Kaszycki calls a privilege. “It is a pleasure to be working with Titan, a true industry leader.  Titan’s expertise and extensive network in transit out of home advertising provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase MRI’s outdoor digital signage technology.  We anticipate their current advertisers will enjoy the added benefit of full HD content on the eye-catching LCD Displays and hope this will result in additional business for Titan among advertisers looking for something more than just static advertising.”

MRI, known for their strong outdoor capabilities and high bright displays, was a perfect match for the semi-outdoor environment that would need sustainability for temperature variations and potentially rowdy sports fans.  Titan’s VP of Technology, Aaron Higley noted on the choice saying, “MRI has a reputation for providing the highest quality digital displays in the industry. After visiting MRI’s engineering / manufacturing facilities in Atlanta it was apparent to us that MRI’s engineering and technology savvy was the best in the industry, second to none. The resultant product now in operation at AT&T Station in Philadelphia is proof that we made the right decision when selecting MRI.”

MRI designed three tri-pod units specifically for this project.  Two of the units hold two 57” portrait digital displays and one side for static posters for SEPTA use.  The third unit is full digital with three 57” MRI displays conveniently positioned to capture the attention of sports fans entering and leaving the station.

The displays were outfitted with MRI’s SureVu™ Image Verification, StatusVu™ Performance Monitoring and MRI’s Intelligent Display Management System to allow monitoring and control of displays from Titan’s NOC (Network Operating Center).  The units also included MRI’s CoolVu™ Thermal Management System, a NEMA 3 rated enclosure, and vandal glass on all three sides.  Nearing their third month out in the field, the displays have garnered a positive response.  While discussing the display’s performance, Mr. Higley said, “Titan is very pleased with the 57” Digital Displays. The image is crystal clear and the units run very quiet compared to other competitive brands we have used in the past. The units seamlessly integrated with the rest of our CoolSign powered network, and just flat out work and provide great advertising images without any problems. We like that.”

As SEPTA’s “Sports Express” Service to AT&T Station is gearing up for the  Philadelphia Eagles Season, MRI displays will be midfield (figuratively) to catch the attention of loyal Philly sports fans.

About MRI

MRI (Manufacturing Resources International) is an Atlanta based designer and manufacturer of Digital LCD Displays (32″-84″), Digital Menu Boards, Pump-Top Displays and Self-Ordering Kiosks. The BoldVu® product line encompasses both indoor and outdoor configurations and includes unique features such as BrightVu™ (2000 nit brightness), SureVu™ (image verification), CoolVu™ (for 50°C) and SAM™ (service access modules) to provide a low cost of owner­ship with optimum functionality. MRI has an installed base of 5000+ units and offers both standard and custom hardware / technology designs to meet the specific application requirements.

For more information, please contact:

MRI, Inc
1600 Union Hill Road
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