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Amber Technology signs distribution for SpinetiX

Lausanne, Switzerland, February 24th, 2009. SpinetiX SA announced the appointment of Amber technology as the distributor for the SpinetiX suite of digital signage hardware & software solutions for Australia & New Zealand.

The SpinetiX HMP100™ is the first Hyper Media Player (HMP) available on the market. Utilizing open software standards the HMP100 is the ideal solution for digital signage. The HMP100 answers the growing demand for affordable targeted messaging with customized information in public places. Based on the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) platform it allows the ability to mix streaming video, encoded video or images and audio file formats combined with other dynamic information such as RSS or XML into the presentation.

SpinetiX is a Swiss company founded in 2006 by a team targeting the high growth Dynamic Digital Signage market. Integrating existing hardware and open software technologies, SpinetiX’s solution simplifies access, distribution, scheduling and manipulation of digital media into a signage system. Cost reduction and interoperability with open standards are SpinetiX focus.

“HMP100 represents an alternative to the traditional distributed video from a single PC or individual PCs at each display which have previously been used to deliver content.” Said Serge Konter, SpinetiX’s International Marketing Manger, “The HMP100 is a solid state solution with low power use and reliable operation.”

“Amber Technology is very pleased to be able to offer such an innovative product” said Rod Sommerich Amber Technology’s Display Product Manger “SpinetiX’s solution has wide appeal for many applications at a cost effective price. The use of open standards such as SVG, JavaScript and XML allows users to create custom software specific applications.”

The HMP100 has 2 video & audio outputs (VGA and HDMI) and with the smallest form factor 10 x 2.6 x 8.3 cm it can be mounted on the rear of displays. The HMP100 is offered with SpinetiX’s Hyper Media Director (HMD) software which allows simple content creation, management and scheduling. The latest version of the software includes interactivity via mouse or touch screen devices as well as built in support for synchronized video wall creation. This allows users to easily generate a video wall presentations in any shape or aspect ratio without expensive and specialize hardware.

Because HMP100 uses open software standards it allows users to provide custom applications for specialized situations such as hotel or transport directories. A number of such projects have been rolled out across Europe with custom interface options provided by 3rd party solution providers. SpinetiX believe this adds appeal to the product and is pleased to support these projects.

About Amber Technology
Amber Technology is a publicly listed on the Australian ASX (AMO). Amber Technology also distributes other leading technology brands including Optoma & projectiondesign DLP Projectors, WolfVision, Lumens Digital Visualizers, Gefen signal processing solutions and other leading audio visual solutions. Amber Technology is one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest independent technology importers handling technology products from all facets of communications and the entertainment industry, including Broadcast, Professional Audio, Consumer Electronics and Corporate Multi Media products.

About SpinetiX
SpinetiX SA is a Swiss hardware manufacturer of professional digital signage hardware devices. Find more information about SpinetiX products at www.spinetix.com.

Source: SpinetiX

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