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SpinetiX has announced a partnership with Stinova

As part of its mission to make the rollout of digital signage networks affordable, reliable and environmentally accountable, SpinetiX has partnered with German software solutions provider Stinova to offer a new kind of entry point into content creation and management.

Offered either as a SaaS (Software as a Service) package or on a One-Time License basis for those customers who want to run the software on their own server network, Stinova’s Digital Media Server (DMS) platform will provide customers of SpinetiX HMP100 media players with a straight forward and flexible way of supplying content to large and/or remotely located digital signage networks.

Because the Stinova DMS is web browser-based, SpinetiX customers can gain access to simplified central management of content, playlists, users, grouping and scheduling, without making a substantial major investment in PC hardware. Indeed, Stinova’s ECO Value starter package, offered through a dedicated SpinetiX web portal, is free of charge.

Franz Hintermayr, Managing Director of Stinova, explains: “The USP of our partnership with SpinetiX is that our web-based DMS provides easy and flexible central management of the HMP media player hardware via the internet or intranet. Customers can begin with little or no initial investment and simply scale up as their networks grow in size and geographical diversity. Because the DMS is web-based, the management console can be accessed from any location, while our WYSIWIG composer makes playlist creation a breeze.”

Serge Konter, Marketing Manager, at SpinetiX, adds: “While we offer our own software solution for smaller systems, the Stinova DMS is the perfect way for managers of larger networks to remove the need for PC-based digital signage. The Stinova content-management solution is now in its fourth generation and is already powering over 25,000 digital-signage screens in more than 40 countries worldwide. By giving customers of our HMP100 complete compatibility with, and direct access to, the Stinova DMS, we have made the setting up, management, and phased upgrading of a remote digital signage network easier and more efficient than ever before.”

With its compact form factor, low power consumption and robust design, the SpinetiX HMP100 represents a radical alternative to the traditional way of distributing video from a single PC or to individual PCs attached to digital-signage screens. Now the Swiss manufacturer’s partnership with Stinova takes this approach a stage further, by putting content management in the cloud and making it accessible from almost anywhere in the world.

Serge Konter concludes: “With such an intuitive, robust and easily scalable solution, we see no limit to where digital-signage content can go. From retailers, brand managers, and advertising network operators to hotels, education facilities, government buildings and beyond, the SpinetiX and Stinova partnership is the way forward for almost any large-scale, vertical-market application.”
SpinetiX customers can access the Stinova DMS web portal directly at: http://www.spinetix.digital-signage.cc

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