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Impact Menu System Chooses Corn Digital’s 26″ Sunlight Readable Solution For Drive-Thru Digital Menu Board

A leading menu board system provider broadens its product lines with Corn Digital’s 26″ Sunlight Readable Digital Signage Solution to increase spontaneous purchases!

Corn Digital, the leading provider of embedded digital signage solution, announced that Impact Menu Systems, a leading supplier of various menu boards, including outdoor drive thru menu, successfully fabricated its drive thru digital menu board system at its Carson Nevada site. Impact Menu System is an established company that has been tuning up for adding digital menu board to its product line, and had identified with Corn Digital’s embedded system to be its choice of partner.
One or more upgraded 26-inch LCD screens were included in Impact’s menu module. The display provided by Corn Digital has been enhanced in many ways in terms of its function – sunlight readable, panel face seal, anti-scratch, anti-glare and other environment factors were also addressed, such as air filtration and ventilation. Impact Menu then engineered the enclosure design to complete the set.

Sensing the turning of the direction of signage and menu board, Impact Menu Systems has provided POP signs, hybrid indoors menu board set – traditional menu board has digital signage built in, using stand alone and network capable embedded digital media solution from Corn Digital.

“It’s a great team work between Impact and Corndigital, we are very excited about this venture, and the opportunity of providing the combined good qualities of digital signage technology and traditional sign manufacturing.” Said Eloy Huitron, DS Consultant of Corn Digital.

For more information on Corn Digital’s latest digital signage solutions, visit www.corndigital.com

Source: Corn Digital

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