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Enhanced Customer Insights for Retailers with BlueZoo Software on BrightSign Series-5

BlueZoo, Inc., a pioneer in audience measurement technology for out-of-home advertising and Retail Media Networks, has announced its latest advancement in sensor technology deployment through its partnership with BrightSign, the leading provider of digital signage media players. This collaboration introduces BlueZoo’s impressions measurement software to BrightSign’s newest Series-5 media players, enhancing the capabilities of in-store digital signage by providing retailers with precise, real-time analytics on audience reach, dwell time, flow, and more. This innovative solution eliminates the need for multiple hardware sensors, streamlining the process for retailers to gather valuable insights within their Retail Media Networks.

Since 2018, BlueZoo has supported BrightSign media players, delivering its sensor software on Series-3 and Series-4 media players. The technology operates by passively collecting smartphone Wi-Fi probes, utilizing both BlueZoo’s proprietary sensors and third-party hardware like BrightSign’s digital media players. This method ensures accurate, privacy-protecting, cost-effective, and scalable measurement of people’s presence and movement.

Executives from both BrightSign and BlueZoo, as well as SCHOT, a value-added distributor of their solutions in South-East Asia, have expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership. They highlight the precision and ease of deployment that this collaboration brings to measuring in-store signage activity and its impact on the customer experience and advertising pricing accuracy.

The integration of BlueZoo software on BrightSign hardware represents a significant simplification in deploying audience measurement solutions, requiring no additional hardware or connections. BrightSign’s Series-5 players are expected to further solidify their position in the retail media networks market, which continues to see rapid growth.

BlueZoo’s Winter 2024 software release introduces advanced management features for sensor networks, including cloud-based operations and complex customized reporting capabilities. This development enables users to receive detailed analytics reports automatically, enhancing their ability to analyze and respond to customer behaviors effectively.

Currently in beta testing, BlueZoo’s support for BrightSign Series-5 media players is slated for general availability in Q2 2024. For more info visit https://www.bluezoo.io/

About BlueZoo, Inc.: BlueZoo Inc. specializes in foot traffic analytics, serving industries such as out-of-home advertising, retail, and insurance. With thousands of sensors deployed globally, BlueZoo’s GDPR-compliant products offer valuable insights to clients like JCDecaux, Sodexo, and Executive Channel Network from its base in Menlo Park, California.

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