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WireSpring announces major upgrades to FireCast digital signage and kiosk software

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Fort Lauderdale, FL – WireSpring Technologies, a leading provider of digital signage and self-service kiosk solutions, has announced a significant update to its FireCast software platform, enhancing its capabilities and streamlining content management for businesses globally. Renowned for its deployment in major corporations such as Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble, and BP, FireCast is pivotal in operating thousands of digital signage screens and self-service kiosks across various industries.

The latest iteration of the Linux-based FireCast software introduces an array of features designed to elevate user experience and operational efficiency. Key among these is the ability to support multi-channel video output, enabling a single player to manage up to four distinct screens. This advancement not only enhances the visual appeal of displays but also offers a cost-effective solution for content management.

Bill Gerba, CEO of WireSpring, emphasized the importance of customer feedback and market research in the development of the new version. “After seven years of dedicated market analysis and listening to our customers, we’re proud to unveil the next generation of FireCast. Our goal has always been to facilitate more dynamic displays while minimizing operational costs and complexities for our users,” Gerba stated.

The updated FireCast OS playback software boasts dynamic templates for easy content integration, support for multiple tickers, layered playback zones, and improved media file compatibility, including smoother playback of Windows Media files. The software’s ability to display live TV on rotated screens and automatically detect the duration of all content types further underscores its versatility and advanced functionality.

Additionally, the FireCast ClientCenter content management suite has been enhanced with a more intuitive Playlist Editor, allowing for straightforward file organization and scheduling. An expanded File Manager offers centralized access to content, playlists, and reports, streamlining the management process. Users can also integrate AccuWeather content directly into their playlists, adding valuable real-time information to their displays.

Kim Zetterberg, President of Frontcast Media, praised the update: “The new FireCast release has transformed our approach to out-of-home advertising. The multi-channel video output, in particular, has simplified our installation process and reduced costs significantly.”

WireSpring’s all-in-one solution simplifies the deployment and management of digital signage networks, offering a single disk that contains everything needed for setup. This approach eliminates the need for additional operating systems, drivers, security software, or servers, presenting a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses.

The FireCast ClientCenter upgrades were released in October 2007, with the FireCast OS 4.0 now available for download. WireSpring continues to invest in market research and education, providing valuable insights and updates through its company blog, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and customer support in the digital signage industry.


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