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Netpresenter brings SharePoint content as Desktop Alerts, Screensaver and Digital Signage

Netpresenter, a leader in the visual communications software sector, has announced an innovative integration with Microsoft SharePoint, revolutionizing the way enterprises can display and disseminate information. This strategic enhancement allows companies to utilize SharePoint content more dynamically, extending its reach beyond traditional means to include interactive screensavers, desktop presentations, and even emergency alert pop-ups. This capability spans a variety of screens, from personal office PCs to larger digital signage networks, ensuring that critical information and updates are accessible to everyone, everywhere.

The integration taps into the core strengths of Microsoft SharePoint, a renowned portal-based collaboration and document management platform. SharePoint’s seamless integration with Microsoft Office, coupled with its flexible nature, has solidified its position as the go-to solution for corporate content management, document handling, and collaborative groupware applications. Netpresenter leverages this ubiquity and functionality, offering a unique toolset for enterprises to engage with their workforce effectively.

For desktop users, Netpresenter introduces a suite of SharePoint-integrated features aimed at enhancing communication without disrupting workflow:

  • Interactive PC Screensaver: Activates when the workstation is idle, displaying SharePoint headlines as an interactive screensaver. This not only captures staff attention with minimal interruption but also drives traffic to the intranet or other SharePoint resources through embedded hyperlinks in the headline messages.
  • Desktop Player: Offers a multimedia slideshow of SharePoint content, which can be manually triggered by users or set to automatically start upon computer boot-up, ensuring key information is always at employees’ fingertips.
  • Desktop Alert: In emergency situations, a visually striking alert message is instantly displayed across all screens. Designed to bypass pop-up blockers, this alert can include spoken warning texts or alarm sounds, providing an essential tool for crisis communication.

For larger screen formats and digital signage networks, Netpresenter extends its functionality to include:

  • Digital Signage Player: Creates a dynamic slideshow of crucial SharePoint content, ideally suited for display on widescreens, allowing for a mix of video and image content to inform and engage viewers.
  • Digital Signage Alert: Mirroring the desktop alert functionality, this feature ensures that emergency messages are prominently displayed across all networked screens, complete with audio warnings if necessary.

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