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Working Solutions Launches ‘Signage Monitor’ for Digital Signage Networks

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Acquire Digital logoSignage Monitor offers extensive monitoring and remote access administration tools for any Windows based digital signage software solution

Ever seen the ‘blue screen of death’ on a digital sign or a VNC logo when someone is trying to remotely access a screen? It’s surprising that even today this kind of thing can be seen. Since it was first developed, Acquire has had a built-in solution for this problem but it is only now that this solution is being offered as a stand-alone product that will work with any Windows based digital signage software.

The solution is comprised of three key components. First there is the software Watchdog, a locally installed program that locks-down the PC player preventing any unwanted local or remote access to the digital sign. It continually monitors and logs any pre-configured trigger events or errors. In the event of a fault an alert is sent and Watchdog attempts to recover the application by performing automatic remedial actions such as restarting the Windows operating system and/or restarting the PC. Watchdog is available as a standalone LITE version which can be configured to send email notifications to technicians or engineers. Watchdog PRO is designed for digital signage network owners for whom remote access is essential. It enables remote administration, diagnostics and has an optional fully featured support ‘ticketing’ module. It can even provide SMS alerts.

The second component is the Remote Service Manager (RSM) which is installed remote from the PC players and enables support personnel to see a vast array of information about the digital signs in their network. Graphical representations enable PC player health appraisals to be made instantly, so that secure remote access can be carried out. The final component is the PLUS! Network. It is the ‘glue’ that binds the whole Signage Monitor solution together. The PLUS! Network is comprised of hosted secure servers which constantly maintain the integrity of a digital signage network, facilitating the back-up and storage of important data, and providing a secure tunnel by which technicians can remotely operate.

“Consistent with our strategy of offering both SaaS (Software as a Service) and ‘Software plus Services’ solutions, we are providing customers with the choice of either a one-off small licence fee for Watchdog LITE or a complete remote administration solution for a small monthly fee” commented Paul Mayer, Sales & Marketing Manager.

For Media and Sales Enquiries in USA:
Michael Hoppe
Vice President – Business Development
Key Biscayne FL 33149
Tel: + 1 (786) 564-5279
email: michael.hoppe [at]

For all press enquiries please contact Paul Mayer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd. email: [email protected] or tel: +44 (0) 7817 576061

About Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd
Based in Leicester, England, Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd has been providing award winning solutions to the digital signage and kiosk market segments for more than 12 years. So much more than just another media player, the Acquire™ range includes software products and player devices that combine power and functionality with the ability to control and manipulate content to create unique digital signage and interactive kiosk projects. Acquire™ software is already powering more than 15,000 players worldwide and has the flexibility to support multi-nationals corporations and small ‘start-ups’ alike.

Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd is based in Leicester, England.

For more information contact Paul Mayer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd . Email: pmayer [at] or Tel: +44 (0) 7817 576061

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