Wednesday, April 24, 2024

NexGen DS has announced the release of Version 2.0 of NexGen Digital Signage, an all-inclusive digital signage software application

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NEXGEN Digital Signage_logoNexGen DS is releasing NexGen Digital Signage Version 2.0, a digital signage application that is proving to be revolutionary. This Macintosh-exclusive software offers an all-inclusive solution and one that doesn’t require a server.

This software is being touted by industry sources as a new concept in the digital signage industry. This very affordable and all-inclusive application is a program that is a signage creator, a signage scheduler and publisher. Additionally, once NexGen Digital Signage is purchased, the user owns the software and there are no monthly usage, hosting or subscription fees and no annual licensing fees.

NexGen Digital Signage software was developed to be easy to use and is priced for the everyday or high-volume consumer. It is the first of its kind in the Macintosh digital signage business. The fact that the system does not require a host server simplifies the process. Users no longer have to hire a high-priced consultant to configure a server before they start creating and publishing. The system features a single click publishing option, which is easy to learn and easy to deploy. This single application in conjunction with the operating system allows users to access high-end features that would ordinarily be cost prohibitive or highly complex.

This software operates according to an easy one-click template system. Users do not have to switch to multiple views to build their zone. The system uses the same project window to display what is being built, as well as the project preview, and the published project. NexGen s WYSIWYG based system is ideal for new or less experienced users. The system also has many built-in security features that protect both the physical box as well as the software.

Before the company designed Version 2.0 they interviewed some of the top digital signage users in the country. They asked pertinent questions like “How would you (the user) redesign your current digital signage applications and what would be the most important features included?” The majority of users stated that pricing and security in an easier to use application that would except a live video feed were the most important features. These are precisely the objectives that NexGen DS used in designing their latest digital signage software. With all of these special features and a surprisingly low market price, NexGen Digital Signage 2.0 is proving to be a competitive and reliable product in the digital signage industry.

About NexGen DS: NexGen DS is based in Irvine, California. The company plans to focus on marketing there software system to hospitality services, worship communities, corporations, retail, real estate and educational organizations.

Contact Information:
NexGen DS
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Source: NexGen DS

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