Monday, December 11, 2023

A2aMEDIA Selects Aerva to Manage Mediamesh® Façade on the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal in Times Square

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A2aMEDIA’s 6,000 SF Facade on New York Port Authority Bus Terminal Powered by Aerva Technology

A2aMEDIA has announced it has teamed up with Aerva, Inc. of Cambridge, MA to manage and control advertising and content on the 6,000 square-foot Mediamesh® facade, which will be going live later this month on the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal in Times Square. Mediamesh is a powerful new next-generation display technology, comprised of a patented stainless-steel architectural woven mesh panels, imbedded with premium LEDs, which deliver high resolution motion graphics. Aerva’s technology will be responsible for screen layout, scheduling, remote media control, advertising/content deployment, as well as activity reporting.

A2aMEDIA’s Mediamesh installations combine the technology of digital billboards, the excitement and flexibility of online media, and the visual appeal of broadcast media to deliver a powerful viewer experience. The transparency and breathability of the innovative “woven metal curtain mesh” will preserve the external view of the terminal’s unique architectural elements. Additionally, using 80 percent less power than conventional LED displays, Mediamesh is significantly more environmentally responsible than traditional LED display products. Mediamesh was invented, patented and is manufactured by GKD (Duren, Germany) and ag4 (Cologne, Germany).

In selecting Aerva, Kevin Beaulieu, CTO of A2aMEDIA said, “Aerva’s technology is a great fit for A2aMEDIA’s high-profile display on the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal. Our demanding specifications and need for a diverse feature set in scheduling and display management, as well as alerts and reporting were met by Aerva technology. In addition, Aerva’s interactive platform spans web, mobile and social media. It will be of great interest to our advertisers who want to execute multi-channel campaigns.”

“Aerva is proud to power A2aMEDIA’s revolutionary Mediamesh facade on an iconic building in New York City. A2aMEDIA and its advertisers and sponsors will find a state-of-the-art technology in Aerva’s platform, AerWave, to extend the reach of their messaging with interactive applications, advanced display layout, scheduling and reporting,” said Sanjay Manandhar, CEO of Aerva, Inc.

A2aMEDIA’s facade installation on the Port Authority Bus Terminal is part of a long-term aesthetic upgrade to the terminal, and it brings exciting advertising opportunities for a variety of regional and national brands.

About A2aMEDIA

Boston-based A2aMEDIA, Inc. is a next generation media company that designs, installs, operates and sells advertising for large-scale LED media displays as transparent building facades. Based on technology invented, patented and manufactured by ag4 (Cologne, Germany) and GKD (Duren, Germany), A2aMEDIA employs a unique technology called Mediamesh®. The cinematic displays harmonize building form and function: they are visually engaging, aesthetically appealing, and offer significant revenue generation opportunities. Because Mediamesh is up to 70 percent transparent, it preserves a building’s unique architectural elements, while allowing clear views from the interior. Advertising agencies, advertisers and civic organizations receive the benefit of a highly visible digital medium for sharing marketing messages. Building owners benefit from the ability to monetize real estate through advertising sales. For more information, visit

A2aMEDIA Contact:
Brian Schuvart
SVP Sales and Marketing
bschuvart [at]

Media Contact:
Brittany Falconer
Racepoint Group
bfalconer [at]

About Aerva

Aerva is a pioneer in digital out-of-home technology, enabling real-time interactivity between mobile, social media applications and digital display networks. Founded by MIT alumni, Aerva provides the simplest to use, most powerful and most cost-effective solution to power small or large interactive display networks. The company’s software technologies, AerWave (for digital signage) and MoApp (for mobile applications), are highly scalable platforms that have been driving many display networks in the US and internationally since 2005. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Jeannette Hon
media [at]

Source: Aerva

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