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Signage Circus deploys next-gen 360 degree rotating digital LED display

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Signage Circus next gen 360 degree rotating digital LED display 2With Digital OOH unfolding in all its resplendence in the developed markets. The change in the lifestyle trends of the consumers and media fragmentation has led to the growth of this medium. In sync with this, Signage Circus, a company that provides digital screen video solutions for multiple indoor and outdoor applications has launched a revolutionary 360 degree digital LED display in India.

To promote and exhibit the capabilities of this display, the company has deployed one unit at the Centre One Mall in Vashi, Mumbai. The contract for the display with the mall owner is initially for a period of one year. The company which works on the rental based business model with media owners and ad agencies is also open to selling the displays.

Signage 360 digital LED displays are cylindrical-shaped digital screens capable of playing HD content which can be standalone or networked and can be placed indoors or outdoors. The 360 degree presentation of the digital LED displays can be viewed from all angles, multiplying visibility and exposure. The unit is over 8′ tall and can be integrated with bluetooth technology, where a passersby can download the advertiser’s message by simply turning on the bluetooth capability on their mobile phones.

The company which has invested over Rs. 1 crore per unit has six units as of now and 30 units are in transit. Commenting on this new, revolutionary digital media, Chirag Barot, director, Signage Circus, said, “The digital signage business is gathering momentum and these signages give better visuals than normal billboards. These digital screens provide ease of ad replacement, which can be done remotely and instantly unlike the time consuming exercise with conventional billboards. As far as returns are concerned, these deliver high value and are lucrative.”

Explaining the media further, Rushabh Shah, head marketing, Signage Circus, said, “With these cylindrical digital Signage Circus next gen 360 degree rotating digital LED display 1screens, the communication uses cutting edge technology to provide to the minute information when and where our clients require it.” “The displays can be manufactured in several aesthetically attractive designs to fit any environment. The communicator is specially designed for installation onto lampposts or pavement pillars. The units are designed for the new digi-panel advertisement format, but due to the technically advanced LED screen and software, the viewing can be determined by the users at 360, 180, 90 degrees for both static and moving visuals”, he added.

The media is available to advertisers from May 19 2011. These displays are suitable for locations that see a constant flow of visitors, such as airports, cinema halls, railway stations, shopping malls, clubs, theme parks, trade fairs, company foyers, hotels and restaurants. Signage Circus has been established to provide state of the art equipment on a rental basis to key players in the advertising and digital screen industry. The company utilises the knowledge and experience from its associated business in Malaysia, where it operates under the Cmyad brand.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I3gz7NMwx0

Source: Signage Circus

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