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Australian Schools Select Digital Recall Free Digital Signage Software

Schools and Universities across Australia have selected Digital Recalls Digital Signage Software for use on their campuses. Low cost, simplicity, regular updates and ability to use off the shelf hardware contribute to its popularity.

Digital Recalls Free Digital Signage Software is used by schools and universities Australia wide including Latrobe School of Management; University of South Australia, Salesian College, Woodonga Snr Secondary College, Ipswich Grammar and many more.

Michael Marcus, CEO of Digital Recall says “We’re delighted that our free digital signage software has proven to be popular with schools and universities across Australia. We also have many schools and universities using our software in the America’s, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Schools were amongst our first users when we started our business.  We like to believe that we can help educational institutions by providing a digital signage software option that can be easily accommodated in their budget, thereby freeing cash for other uses.

One of our educational institution users wrote to us recently as follows: “…After about a year of headaches, I decided to search for a new product that was cheaper- and we found Digital Recall…. Our department has received wonderful praise, and when we had an emergency situation here, an emergency notification was sent to all televisions on campus warning of the campus lockdown …  Without Digital Recall, I don’t know what I would have done”.

“We’re proud that as an Australian business we are able to claim the title of World’s First Free Digital Signage Software. When we started out many years ago, we set out to make our product easy to access, easy to install, simple to use and free (or really inexpensive if you choose to upgrade the features).
Our software can be used on a single PC, or as a network with a Manager PC controlling multiple Player PC’s over a LAN or over the Internet (using an FTP). In all instances, you use your own hardware and your own connectivity. You pay us nothing. We provide full instructions in our User Manuals.”

The free version can be downloaded from our website (www.digitalrecall.com.au)

. Many users use the software in its free format. It’s very functional can be used with numerous file formats – See http://digitalrecall.com.au/Digital/information.aspIf users want to increase the number of features available, it is simple to do so. Simply go to the “Additional Software Options” section on our Home page and select the additional features  you want to activate. The prices and feature-notes are available by clicking on the feature-name on our Home page. Packs are best value. Once purchased, the codes are auto-emailed to you with complete instructions. We also provide extensive User Manuals to enable users to DIY their system.”“NO ONGOING OR MONTHLY FEES and the fact that users use their own FTP or LAN in order to communicate between the Manager PC & Players makes the system even lower cost.

We’ve just released a new version of our software with enhanced and improved functionality”.

“We get much pleasure from the feedback that we receive from our customers. Not only in regard to the software, but also in regard to our service”.  Please see the Testimonials from our customers http://digitalrecall.com.au/Digital/testimonials.asp

Digital Recalls Free Digital Signage Software (and manuals) can be downloaded directly from their website at http://digitalrecall.com.au

Digital Recall:
World’s first free digital signage software.  Great digital signage for free.  Use your own hardware and your own connectivity.  No monthly costs.

Source: Digital Recall

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