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A2aMEDIA Announces Transparent Digital Façade Installation in Times Square

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A2aMEDIA selected by Port Authority of New York & New Jersey to implement Mediamesh® Technology as Beautification and Advertising Platform for the Port Authority Bus Terminal

A2aMEDIA, a next generation media company that designs, installs and operates energy-efficient LED media displays, today announced an agreement to install a large-scale digital display on the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Times Square in New York City. The display will go live in June 2011. A2aMEDIA will be installing Mediamesh® technology, an exciting and proven digital motion graphic product that will integrate seamlessly into the terminal’s existing architecture.

Through a partnership with Garage- Media, A2aMEDIA will install and operate the display to provide a long-term aesthetic upgrade to the terminal, and exciting advertising opportunities for a variety of regional and national businesses. The display will cover approximately 6,000 square feet of Port Authority’s façades on 42nd Street and 8th Avenue, with an additional 25,000 square feet of architectural lighting that will be color-coordinated with its visual messaging.

A2aMEDIA’s Mediamesh installations combine the technology of digital billboard media, the excitement and flexibility of online media, and the visual appeal of broadcast media to deliver a powerful viewer experience. Mediamesh consists of patented stainless-steel architectural woven mesh panels, imbedded with premium LEDs, which deliver high resolution motion graphics for civic, entertainment, and advertising purposes. The transparency and breathability of the innovative “woven metal curtain mesh” will preserve the external view of the terminal’s unique architectural elements. Additionally, using 80 percent less power than conventional LED displays, Mediamesh is significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional LED display products. Mediamesh was invented, patented and is manufactured by GKD (Duren, Germany) and ag4 (Cologne, Germany).

Port Authority Bus Terminal at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue Mediamesh at the AmericanAirlines Arena, Miami, FL Mediamesh was chosen as the best technology for this display due to its aesthetic and transparent qualities, durability, and capacity to contribute to the ongoing beautification efforts at the terminal. The display will provide passengers with an exciting visual element, and advertisers with a new advertising platform reaching over 1 million passersby each day.

The media platform, which provides up to 70 percent transparency, will be installed over the face of the terminal, and will allow bus emissions to pass easily through the display, ensuring the safety of bus riders and Port Authority employees. Simultaneously, the media façade will display digital media content that will be seen and enjoyed from the sidewalk and street. The bold color and large format images will appear to float over the surface of the terminal.

“As a technology with fantastic aesthetic, green and transparent qualities, Mediamesh is the perfect display option for the Port Authority Terminal. Mediamesh is a fresh approach to outdoor display technology that is a departure from traditional clunky, opaque LED boards,” said Brian Schuvart, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at A2aMEDIA. “The display will also provide monetization options for the Port Authority, and a visually appealing advertising platform for regional and national organizations through flexible marketing programs that will match brands’ individual objectives.”

A2aMEDIA Contact:
Brian Schuvart
SVP Sales and Marketing
bschuvart [at]

Media Contact:
Racepoint Group
Brittany M. Falconer
bfalconer [at]
A2aMEDIA [at]

Garage-Media Contact:
Gary Neff
Managing Partner
860.308.2054 x 302
gary [at]

Source: A2aMEDIA

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