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SETHLED Introduces First Mobile Digital LED Messaging System Designed for Exhibits Applications

SETHLED announces the debut of its HIBRITE Mobile LED Display product line.   The HIBRITE-1000 is a unique mobile messaging solution that is ideal for exhibit applications.   The system is simple, mobile, eye-catching, flexible and extremely reliable.    All HIBRITE product configurations include dual-sided, full-color, high-brightness LED displays; integrated power distribution; onboard-generator (for outdoor applications); digital signage platform and an optional video distribution controller.


The HIBRITE-1000 system is easy to transport, set-up, configure and can be powered through standard (120V, 50A/30A) electrical service or the integrated generator (outside applications).   Once power is applied, it displays digital content (static images and video) within 2 minutes.   Each system has an integrated solid-state digital signage system that enables content to be updated through the use of an SD media card, WIFI or Ethernet connection.   The HIBRITE BrightAuthor Application enables content to be scheduled through a simple drag and drop interface.   The system can display video from standard VGA or DVI computer video interfaces.   The HIBRITE system can also display other video sources (DVD, Satellite TV, etc.) through an optional video controller.


The HIBRITE-1000 system was designed with mobility in mind.  SETHLED developed a robust, customized trailer that is stable, rugged and can be towed with any vehicle having a standard 2-5/16″ ball and 500 lb. tongue weight capability.  The system has proven to be ideal for exhibit applications as it reduces install times and maximizes display impact.  In addition, the HIBRITE-1000 has a self-contained generator that enables remote outdoor display capability.  The low-power LED display allows the system to run off the generator for approximately 10 hours of continuous operation.


The heart of the HIBRITE-1000 system is a dual-sided, high-brightness, full-color LED display that allows viewing at a distance of up to 975 feet.  The HIBRITE unit is optimized for image quality.   The displays are mounted on a hydraulic system that enables the messaging to be elevated to a height of 15 feet with the simple flick of a switch.  Safety is incorporated into the HIBRITE-1000 design as a series of outrigger legs are integrated into the trailer to minimize tipping risk.


The HIBRITE-1000 design is completely flexible as it easily adapts to specific advertising and messaging needs. The system provides ultimate flexibility through trailer-enabled mobility, self-contained power, phenomenal image quality, a digital signage platform and standard computer access.   The system supports standard image (JPEG) and video (MPEG) formats.  There is no system on the market with all of these features.  For customers having unique or specific needs beyond the HIBRITE-1000‘s standard features, SETHLED provides custom product development and consulting capabilities.   SETHLED can create custom LED display configurations for fixed/static applications (signs on buildings or poles) as well as mobile display applications.


The HIBRITE-1000 utilizes high-quality electrical and mechanical modular components that meet stringent performance criteria. This modularity enables simple and fast maintenance.  Each system ships with a standard one year warranty and customers can purchase an optional extended service contract to protect their investment.


SETHLED, located in Hartland, WI, manufacturers mobile and static digital LED messaging systems for clients worldwide.  SETHLED is well-known for turnkey, cost-effective solutions, however they also create unique solutions for demanding customer requirements.  SETHLED has assembled a highly experienced team of experts and partners to deliver head-turning technology.   They welcome the opportunity to utilize their combined talents, resources and industry knowledge to guarantee your success. For more information, go to www.sethled.com.


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