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rVue Real-Time Analytics Solutions Embraced by Digital Place-Based Networks and Software Solution Providers

High Network adoption rate underscores the market’s interest in an industry standard for DOOH analytics

Recently, rVue, Inc., a subsidiary of rVue Holdings Inc. (RVUE:OTCQB) announced that it was providing hosted web-based analytics for digital out-of-home (DOOH) media at no cost. rVue Analytics helps businesses use performance data to improve their marketing campaigns and DOOH networks by providing proof of performance metrics such as network uptime, Internet connectivity, validation of network locations, playlist measurements and geo-tracking. Since launching the free real-time analytics program in late March, rVue has reached several milestones:

  • Adoption rate of over 90% by networks presented the program.
  • Engagement with four of DOOH’s leading software solution providers.
  • Over 50,000 real-time network data points achieved in two weeks

“Reporting and analytics are critical for digital signage as it is clear that every network and advertiser are jointly looking for a standard solution,” said Peter O’Connor, Director of Operations for c3ms and the NobelVision Network. “From what we’ve seen in the market, rVue is the only advertising platform delivering a solution that is seamless and ready for our use now. They have provided an easy, one-stop, accurate solution for analytics that will benefit both media buyers and network operators.”

rVue Analytics is simple for businesses new to DOOH analytics to get started quickly yet sophisticated enough for the most advanced DOOH marketers.

Highlights of rVue Analytics include:

  • No cost to join or utilize the rVue analytics program
  • Cohesively works with current software and hardware
  • Network dashboards: Integration with the rVue Demand Side Platform (DSP) works with any DOOH network: Users of the rVue DSP can access analytics from a new interface within their rVue account. rVue Analytics automatically tags DOOH destinations to save time and reduce the potential for errors.
  • Buyer reporting dashboards: rVue Analytics tracks the results of marketing campaigns through proof of playlist on a location-by-location basis.
  • rVue Analytics executive summary reports: Developed for the three most common decision makers – executive, marketer, operator– the executive summary will ease access to crucial information across departments.

About rVueTM: rVue, Inc., is an advertising technology company which includes the only demand-side platform for planning, buying and managing Digital Out-of-Home and Place-Based Media. The platform connects advertisers with DOOH networks to streamline campaign management, content distribution, analytics and billing. For more information, please visit www.rvue.com.

About c3ms: c3ms worked with Nobel Biocare to create entertaining, educational programming and advertising specifically targeted to the dental patient. The programming also includes real time information, such as news in a ticker format, at the bottom of the system’s flat panel television screen. Additionally, the network is used for clinician training, communication and continuing education by companies providing products and services directly to the practice after hours. The delivery of these programs mitigates travel time and cost to the dental practitioner, provides manufacturers with a virtual representative in the practice, and streamlines the delivery of these programs for the dental practices and manufacturers alike. For more information, please visit www.c3ms.com.

Source: rVue

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