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Mvix launches a Free, Browser-based Digital Signage Administration Tool for its Networkable Signage Platform (Mvix Ceeno)

icatsignage user interfaceMvix has formally launched its latest web-based, digital signage content management tool for the Mvix Ceeno Networkable Signage platform. Refreshingly innovative, the “iCatSignage” web application is being offered to all clients for free. In a highly competitive market, introduction of this free content management tool for digital signage puts Mvix at the head of class.

iCatSignage Content Management System is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that is fully hosted, and supported by Mvix. Developed by Mvix, the iCatSignage rivals dozens of commercial SaaS digital signage solutions available in the market. However, offering this platform at a zero startup cost and without any monthly subscription fees makes it a top contender for a large number of digital signage applications and projects. Mvix is the first company to offer a free CMS solution along with an extremely low cost digital signage hardware platform. Speaking on the occasion, Mark Shoe, Mvix’s Marketing Manager stated, “Initial capital expenditure has been a stumbling block in digital signage adoption. The fact that Mvix is offering the web-based management system for free removes the last barrier to adoption/implementation of digital signage for any small- to medium-sized businesses.”

With access to any standard browser as the sole technical requirement, iCatSignage allows management of content from anywhere in the world. Mvix’s web-based system allows upload, update, scheduling, startup, storage, monitoring, and even reboot of devices from any remote location. This web-application places no limit on online storage space or the number of users for each account – a significant feature for customers who frequently freshen up their signage content.

‘Software-as-a-service’ has become a common delivery model for most digital signage applications. However, current offerings are expensive and difficult to install / maintain for SMBs. Recognizing this need for cloud-based, remote signage management, Mvix’s iCatSignage adds to the functionality and usability of its popular Mvix Ceeno Networkable Signage Platform.

As the business world leans more and more towards on-demand software, it made complete sense to offer that same capability to our customers,” said Marcus Sattler, VP Product Development at Mvix. “Upon recognizing the benefits of global remote management capabilities for all signage content – videos, slideshows, RSS feeds and ticker – we have concentrated on developing an easy-to-use interface that supported all the major browsers. The result was intuitive and effective.iCatSignage.

employs standard user interface design conventions and drag-and-drop functionality. It supports multiple user accounts for shared control, and there is no software installation required.

We hope that this reliable, free solution will allow our clients to divert their operating expenses to important areas like signage content development. We strongly believe, iCatSignage will empower our system integrators and will provide yet another impetus for the digital signage industry.” stated Mark.

Details on Mvix’s new Web-based Digital Signage Platform: iCatSignage Features and Preview

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