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Breakthrough In Retail With New Virtual Customer Service And Impulse Shopping Concepts Demonstrated At CES By Ng Connect Program Members

MediaTile HumanKiosk1Demonstrated at CES, “Virtual Concierge” Solution Concept and others show power of 4G for Retail; Preparing for Q1 2011 Pilot Programs from MediaTile.

From the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), The MediaTile® Company, a leader in cloud-based 3G and 4G digital signage solutions, today announced it is showcasing a breakthrough in virtual customer service solutions created in collaboration with the ng Connect Program and member companies, including Alcatel-Lucent.  The Virtual Concierge and two other new solution concept demos in the ng Connect Program are showcased for the first time in the Alcatel-Lucent booth (Booth # 35469) at CES (January 6-9, 2011). 

The three solution concepts each show different aspects of retail, shopping and how interactive customer service will change thanks to high bandwidth networks, including 4G/LTE.

• Virtual Concierge, powered by the MediaCast System and 4G/LTE, enables consumers to now have a personalized way to communicate in a foreign land at an airport or hotel, or at a store or bank through an interactive kiosk where they can have a 2-way video conversation in the language of their choice.  Travelers can also have the information shared by the expert pushed to their mobile device.

• Gametime Media Table, powered by the MediaCast System and 4G/LTE, is a connected media-playing tabletop where users can consume media, play games and share social networking apps, view advertisements and even interact using their own mobile phone as a controller or the touchscreen-enabled tabletop.

• Media Hotspot, powered by the MediaCast System and 4G/LTE, is a new digital age version of the jukebox that allows consumers to listen to their favorite artists, buy music, videos, movies and more, and then, if they like what they hear – purchase the media on their mobile and take it with them. The Media Hotspot also includes a Wi-Fi hotspot.

“Working with the ng Connect Program has been a rewarding experience. We’ve created an award-winning solution concept and we’re proud of our accomplishment with the Virtual Concierge, which will truly change the way travelers and others can get information on new and exciting destinations,” said Simon Wilson, CEO of The MediaTile Company. “Using MediaCast Video Presence running across 4G LTE networks, consumers can ask direct, face-to-face questions of subject matter experts and brand authorities ‘in the cloud’, and pose these questions when and where it matters most – from the aisle of a store, the lobby of a hotel, or the foyer of a bank. Now, consumers can get answers to their specific questions when they require immediate and accurate information.”

MediaTile is bringing solution concepts, including the Virtual Concierge, to market under the name “HumanKiosk with MediaCast Video Presence.”  The all-in-one system is a free-standing, interactive digital signage solution that delivers a breakthrough in brand-to-consumer communications.  Using 4G/LTE high-bandwidth networking, the MediaCast system runs scheduled, interactive digital merchandising promotions while also providing a live, 2-way video session between a consumer in the store with a question, and a representative of that product or service.  The MediaTile Company is actively engaging retailers, brands and others through pilot program offerings that commence in Q1 2011, with full delivery and deployments by year’s end.

Unlike customer-driven information delivery technologies and other forms of remote customer service, MediaCast Video Presence is highly engaging and personal.   Customers will receive information that is contextually relevant to them, whether by demographic, location, or language.  In addition, the HumanKiosk is fully self-contained, and requires no technology or network setup on-site; just add power and the system is ready to run.

About MediaTile
The MediaTile Company (MediaTile) is the worldwide leader in cloud-based digital signage solutions.  A digital signage technology innovator and platform provider, MediaTile was the first company to deliver the advantages of cloud-computing using the unique combination of cellular connectivity and a SaaS-based content management system.  The result: MediaTile solutions are extremely simple-to-deploy and easy-to-use.  Our cloud-based approach has brought both customer praise and industry awards as it eliminates many of the costs and complexities associated with traditional digital signage and delivers ROI faster. Backed by our MediaServices team, a 99.9% web-application SLA, and end-to-end service and support, your network will be up and running in record time, with record results. www.mediatile.com

MediaTile Products and Services Include:

MediaCast® System – Cloud Controlled.   Our on-demand, 24×7 web-based content delivery and management system provides complete and secure control of your signage network enabling you to move your message™.

MediaServices ™ – Cloud Created.  Our media team and solutions deliver dynamic media and data, composer templates, and creative media services, enabling your digital signage network to be relevant™.

MediaTile® Players/Displays/Kiosks – Cloud Connected.   Our media players, displays and HumanKiosk™ systems provide all-in-one capabilities, making setup extremely easy; just add power™.

January 6, 2011 Mike Foster
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