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Arista Corporation – Announces the Production Phase of Two New 24 Inch Touch Screen LCD Industrial Monitors

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ADM 5824BP
ADM-5824BP 24 Inch Industrial Monitor

Arista, leader in the design and development of Industrial Computers, today announced the production phase of two new 24″ industrial wide screen monitors. These high quality 24 inch monitors are now in production and Arista has stock that is ready to ship.

The ADM-1824AP (Joining the 1800 Series Display line) and the ADM-5824BP (Joining the 5800 Series Display line) are Arista’s newly designed 24 inch wall / ceiling-mount widescreen monitors, providing 1920 x 1080 native resolution and a wide viewing angle. Both monitors are uniquely well suited for industrial, government, and commercial interactive digital signage installations and any applications demanding large, rugged, wide-screen display monitors for enclosed or light restricted areas.

Arista’s ADM-1824AP and ADM-5824BP LCD displays boast a bright 300 Nits screen, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and 16:9 aspect ratio. Both monitors offer stunning displays of video, graphics, and text in both highly lit and dimly lit rooms. Video inputs include VGA and DVI.

With best in class design, both the ADM-1824AP and the ADM-5824BP are manufactured for rugged industrial environments and will operate from 0°C to 50°C. (32°~ 122°F) The 1824AP was designed for panel mount applications and has bezel attributes available to meet NEMA 4/4X requirements. The 5824BP was designed for standard VESA mount and can be desktop, wall or ceiling mounted and meets IP50 requirements. Both units come with 5 Wire Resistive Touch. With the versatility these inviting wide screen monitors offer, your application / requirement is sure to be covered. For added versatility, these monitors can also be mounted in portrait mode (Portrait mode would require special mounting).

Contact Arista Corporation to discover how these 24 inch industrial monitors will enhance your operations / digital signage needs.

“The addition of these versatile 24 inch industrial monitors to our product line offers our clientele a large wide screen solution to an application where 42 inch and larger monitors would exceed requirements,” states John DelSignore, Sales / Marketing contact, Arista Corporation. “Now that these monitors are in production, our first batches have shipped and we are stock piling these units in order to make them readily available,” added DelSignore.

About Arista

Founded in 1994, with headquarters in North America — Fremont, California — with key offices in China, India and

ADM 1824AP
ADM-1824AP 24 Inch Industrial Monitor

Taiwan, Arista Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of mission critical industrial computing products.
Today, Arista Corporation has grown to encompass a broad spectrum of products and services including fanless computers, industrial rack mount computers, panel PCs, powerful wall mount computers, long life industrial displays, extreme low temperature displays, high reliability micro computers, shoebox computers, industrial tower computers, ruggedized tablet computers, industrial marquee display systems, digital signage and video wall systems and beyond, all with a commitment to revision control, copy exact and long-term availability.

For Sales Communications, Contact:

John DelSignore
Arista Corporation
40675 Encyclopedia Circle Fremont, CA 94538-2475
Tel (510) 226-1800 x134
Fax (510) 226-1890
John.DelSignore [at]

Source: Arista Corporation

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