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Unique LED products maker Megatex to celebrate 22 years anniversary

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On April 10, 2011 Megatex celebrates 22 years – an achievement for Bulgaria and for the world and, of course – the pride of our team.

Why pride – because only 5% of businesses survive to the tenth year after its creation, and less than 1% are still operating after the twentieth year. A Bulgarian company Megatex not only managed to hold onto the market, but also became known in 40 countries worldwide.

Megatex is a brand that you can see the currency boards in the branch of his bank, digital watches, which check the time and temperature while traveling or on the screens, which after the match his team.

Twenty-two years, the company does not just deal with any obstacles stood in her way, but also won positions, notable not only for Bulgaria but also worldwide.

In Bulgaria Megatex a monopoly on the market of currency boards, and last year reached 30,000 boards sold on four continents. Huge LED screens, towers, sports and transportation systems Megatex rise in the streets of Malta, Turkey, Qatar, Uzbekistan, England, Norway …

The company was founded in 1989 by a team of specialists – Bulgarian colleagues from the Institute of Electronics. One of the founders – Nicholas Zarkov – the creation of Megatex so far has been its president and CEO.

22 years ago Megatex made ​​his breakthrough on the world market in the field of LED-technology and after several years, in 1991, surprising the world with its development – monochrome display with red LEDs – one of the first in the world at that time.

You could say that the company’s history reflects the changes in the economic situation in our country – in the years of prosperity between 1989 and 1996 the company each year increased its revenues double. 1994 – strong as for football in Bulgaria, and the innovators of Megatex – the company represents the international market its first full-color screen, along with global industrial giants Siemens, Philips and Sony.

Over the years Megatex worked in various areas, including color wide format printing and outdoor advertising and has long been the only company whose billboards have seen the first ad of this kind in Bulgaria.

Megatex is not just a manufacturer of LED products that the world has many. The company always makes unique custom made products – innovative design, which are more like a work of art, achieved by means of electronics and just because they like the customer, and competitors.

A good example are the two most recent developments of the company – information kiosks and LCD system SOLLED. LCD kiosks are something like mainframes, whose height is 1.90 meters and whose screen can be both horizontal and vertical. They can be monitored program with conferences in hotels, plan of floors in the malls to see the products offered by a store and be used for Internet access. Kiosks are used for self-service customer for several years, but their improvement is just ahead, which will enable Megatex quickly to impose their design models in the market as none of its konkurennti not available.

In 2010 Megatex develop LED screen with an integrated solar system. The interest in innovation was enormous – inquiries from all over the world continue to arrive for a third month after declaring her why Megatex provides growth in sales was thanks to this its innovation – a combination of two recent trends in technology – LED and renewable energy.

Additionally, the company sees huge potential for business development in the banking sector. Working with banks and financial institutions over the years enable us to foresee the development of information technology in this industry, where, and intends to focus its efforts.

K akav is the key to such success? Ability to benefit from its originality and high profits, which “go” high tech.

As for our team – continued creative work and friendly relations and international success of course maintain the enthusiasm of the team and innovative approach to everything the company makes to its products and to market. In this sense we can say that not only firm but its members are also on 22.

About Megatex

Megatex is a Bulgarian producer of unique LED products including LED screens, LED walls, LED dynamic message displays, digital transport systems, sport information systems, digital clocks and thermometres, currency information displays and totems. The company sells its products on four continents – Europe, Ameica, Africa and Asia.

Megatex Inc.
Address: Pozitano Str. 145, 1309 Sofia, Bulgaria

Press contact:
Milena Veneva
+359885885181, +35929238911

Source: Megatex

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