Thursday, June 13, 2024

Digital Recall Free Digital Signage Software Strikes Oil with Saudi Aramco!

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Digital Recall logoSaudi Arabia’s national oil company, Saudi Aramco is just one of the many oil companies that use Digital Recalls Free Digital Signage Software.

Saudi Aramco ranks first among oil companies worldwide in terms of petroleum production and exports. It has purchased licenses for up to 22 Locations for the use of Digital Recalls Digital Signage Software.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, other oil companies located in the UK and in the USA have also opted to use Digital Recalls Free Digital Signage Software.

Michael Marcus, CEO of Digital Recall says “Our free software is a World-First, and was originally developed to provide a free (or extremely low-cost) digital signage software solution for small and medium sized users.  It turns out that even the largest institutions are not averse to saving dollar – that’s a good thing for them, for us and for their stake holders.  Although it’s not a lot of money for the organization (when you view it in the context of organizations that may have billions of dollars of revenue), it speaks volumes for the culture of an organization when it decides to purchase a (digital signage) solution that achieves what they want at a fraction of the “normal” price.”

“Many users use the free version downloadable from However if additional functionality is required then our extremely low cost “Additional Software Options” which are shown on our Home page will satisfy the needs of most digital signage users. Simply click on the Feature name, read the feature notes and scroll down for the (very low) price.
There are NO ONGOING OR MONTHLY FEES and the fact that users use their own FTP or LAN in order to communicate between the Manager PC & Players makes the system even lower cost. We’re proud to have the title “Worlds First free Digital Signage Software”.

“We’ve had many software upgrades since we started distributing our software a few years ago. Each new version-release is made available for free to existing users. Our newest general release was made available on 2 March 2011”.

“The question we get asked most often is “Is that a monthly cost?” We know that even our paid Additional Options are such a low price that users initially can’t believe their good fortune”.

“We get much pleasure from the feedback that we receive from our customers. Not only in regard to the software, but also in regard to our service”.  For Testimonials:

see”Digital Recalls Free Digital Signage Software (and manuals) can be downloaded directly from their website at

Digital Recall: World’s first free digital signage software.

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About Digital Recall: We introduced the World’s First Free Digital Signage Software. Use off-the-shelf hardware. NO ongoing or monthly fees. Free upgrades to new versions. Low cost; Easy to use. Used on every continent in almost every country.
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