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ZetaDisplay is being listed on First North Premier and launches a new share issue

ZetaDisplay has been approved for a listing on NASDAQ OMX First North Premier. The first day of trading will be on 4th April 2011. Before the listing the company will launch a new share issue of MSEK 25, aimed at a number of major investors.

ZetaDisplay operates in the rapidly growing market for Digital Signage, which focuses on the digitising of in-store communication within the retail and service sectors. ZetaDisplay offers complete solutions for Digital Signage which include software, services and digital systems. Since it was founded in 2003 the company has become a leading Nordic supplier of Digital Signage, with subsidiaries in Denmark, Finland and Norway.

A high growth rate and ambitions for a main market listing
The company’s turnover in 2010 amounted to over MSEK 50, which showed a growth of 64% compared with the previous year. The company’s clients include amongst others ICA, Euromaster, Alko, Volkswagen, Shell, KotiPizza, Carlsberg, Team Sportia, SJ, Panasonic and Bilia.

“We are convinced that the market for Digital Signage will continue to show strong growth in the next few years. The listing of ZetaDisplay shares improves the possibility of expansion, both in existing and new markets, by increasing our visibility and strengthening confidence in the company. Having liquid share that can be used as a means of payment for acquisitions and access to the capital market are also good reasons for a listing. This should also be seen as a step towards a main market listing on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm,” says CEO Leif Liljebrunn.

The Board includes Anders Moberg, former Group Manager of IKEA and several other international retail chains, and Ingrid Jonasson Blank, former Deputy Managing Director and Marketing Manager of ICA Sverige. Legal counsel Rolf Eriksson has been Chairman of the Board since 2003.

Trading on NASDAQ OMX First North Premier
Trading in the company shares on NASDAQ OMX First North Premier is to begin on April 4, 2011. The shares will be traded under the shortname ZETA. The Certified Adviser and liquidity guarantor is Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag.

In connection with the listing, a company description will be available on the company’s web site.

First North Premier is a trading market designed for companies which are seeking higher investor visibility and preparing for a main market listing on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. This means that ZetaDisplay must apply in accordance with IFRS for accounting and comply with the rules for insider trading in accordance with the conditions for NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

New issue to provide MSEK 25 for the company
Before the listing, ZetaDisplay is to provide a directed new issue of MSEK 25 before issue costs. Among the larger investors are Alfred Berg fonder, Salvatore Grimaldi and one of the larger pension companies. The new share issue is being implemented with the aim of strengthening the financial position of the company in preparation for further expansion of its business. After the new issue the company’s share capital will amount to SEK 12.228.250 across 12.228.250 shares.

The decision to make the issue was taken by the ZetaDisplay Board with support from an authorization passed by the 2010 Annual General Meeting. The motive for issuing shares as a deviation from the preferential rights of shareholders was to broaden and strengthen the shareholder base of ZetaDisplay in advance of the listing.

After this issue the number of shareholders will be approximately 300. The principal owners of the company, the founders Mats Johansson, Martin Gullberg and Mikael Öberg, have declared that they intend to remain in place as long term owners of the company, together with other principals of the Board and the management.

The company’s financial advisor in respect of the new issue and listing is Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag.

For more information please contact:

CEO Leif Liljebrunn
Telephone: +46 70 845 80 52
E-mail: leif.liljebrunn [at] zetadisplay.com

ZetaDisplay in brief
ZetaDisplay is a leading supplier of Digital Signage to major chains in the retailing and service sectors of the Nordic market. The company has close links with research in this area and had demonstrated markedly increased retail sales with more satisfied customers. The company had a turnover of MSEK 50 in 2010 and is presently in an expansive phase.

ZetaDisplay offers complete media platforms for Digital Signage which include software, services and digital systems. The company’s media platforms enable clients to easily produce offers and ensure that a great deal of communication is presented on the right displays at the right time. Each media platform is operated and monitored centrally by the company. The distribution of media and playlists to the displays in stores and service centres is based on the Internet. Control and supervision of the communication is managed by both the company and its clients by means of a web-based interface that is accessed in the cloud via the Internet. The company undertakes media production and provides template tools which allow clients to create the content themselves. The complete solutions also include analyses, advice and project management, along with handling the installation of digital displays and communication equipment at each client site.

Media platforms supplied by the company are used in several sectors, including construction, electronics, sport, clothing and convenience stores, along with banks, restaurants and other service areas. Examples of clients include ICA, Euromaster, Alko, Volkswagen, Shell, KotiPizza, Carlsberg, Team Sportia, SJ, Panasonic and Bilia.

ZetaDisplay has just under 40 employees. The head office is in Malmö and there are subsidiaries located in Denmark, Norway and Finland. From April 4 2011 onwards the company’s shares will be traded on NASDAQ OMX First North Premier using the shortname ZETA.

Source: ZetaDisplay

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