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Tridelity: 3D is growing in height

Assistant Madeleine Merz and CEO Michael Russo lead new monitor of St. Georgen company Tridelity before, the three-dimensional images without special glasses portrait shows.

St. Georgen – The third dimension is booming: the cracker run in 3D cinema and television current also show optical depth. From this development would also benefit from the company Tridelity St. Georgen. “That’s our target market,” said CEO and co-founder, Michael Russo. “We want to place our products in the cinema foyer.” There the visitors could then already the trailers of upcoming blockbusters look in 3D.

But what about the billboards? The typical poster is finally mostly in portrait mode. “We have now developed a monitor in portrait format,” says Russo. That was a real challenge. to rotate the monitor by 90 degrees wide, that is not enough.The Tridelity team had to reprogram the software. This is because each pixel has three color pixels (red, green, blue) that lie next to each other.

In portrait format they stand upright. The 3-D effect without glasses but is built on five adjoining perspectives. The lower image width in portrait mode so also brings with it a lower resolution. “This problem was not really easy to solve,” says Russo.

Next to the lobby at the cinema how the managing director for the portrait display also good opportunities in digital signage, the use in advertising, customer information and signage. 3D devices from the mountain town are already in various airports, including in Kuwait.

“In Germany it is still cautious, more conservative,” says Russo. Flughäfen seien jedoch ideal für digitale Werbung. However, airports are ideal for digital advertising. “. There you have shopping areas with major suppliers and affluent customers who spend a lot of time waiting,” Further applications Russo looks at train stations and shopping centers, but not in pedestrian zones – there is the distraction too big. And Tridelity will win the region and the medium for themselves. They could use their design data to present their products in three dimensions.

The technicians in the mountain town are currently working on a 56-inch TV with dual HD resolution (3840 times 2160 pixels).”Demand for such brilliance is in the medical field,” said Michael Russo.

Tridelity has already made to the portrait format of a new challenge: to transform live television signals into the house, glasses-free 3D format “That would be such a solution for sports bars,” said Michael Russo.

Source: Tridelity

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