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ClariView through Window interactive solution

ClariView window displayClariView have announced the launch of a through window touch screen solution ideal for the retail sector, Estate and travel agents. Taking advantage of this through window interactive solution, users can control one of our displays through a glass shop window.

This in turn provides a unique interactive marketing medium; shop manikins and digital signage in some cases have so far been used to promote products. But this interactive aspect brings a new wave of marketing capabilities, browsing through the products whether it is clothes or electronics such as mobile phones.

Allowing the consumer the option of various methods of digesting information is becoming paramount.

Estate and Travel agents would immensely benefit from this technology, as most of these outlets utilise window space to promote their offers and services. It allows users to interact with the display when the shop is open or closed. The interactive option also adds to the excitement and in its own right attracts people to the window to touch and play with the display and unknowingly to the user they might see an attractive product or offer which they decide to investigate further.

In a tech savvy world where everyone is technologically advanced, bringing science fiction to life is what we believe is an effective marketing tool.

There are two options when it comes to this solution, for more information you are more than welcome to contact us at info [at] clariview.co.uk for further information on this solution.

About ClariView
ClariView ltd are a company who offer a complete range of Digital Signage Solutions both touch screen and none touch screen. Our products range from wall mounted to freestanding digital advertising displays of various sizes.

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