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Pioneering Provider of One-Stop-Shop AV Wireless Solutions

AITech International, headquarters in Silicon Valley, has been the world leader in PC-TV multimedia connectivity (wire/ wireless) and conversion technologies for over 23 years. We are originator of this technology and have multiple patents on our products around the world. We are the name brand for business, government, defense, medical equipment, home entertainment and educational presentation. Our products include video conversion, accessories and have various applications.

Recognition of World-Class Customers

AITech has been recognized by world-class companies such as Samsung, Fujitsu-Siemens, ACUSON, Elite Technology …etc. These companies adopt series of our ICs and continuously enjoy the great success. The success has been secured by our engineering team who is fully experienced, and has broadly supported the areas from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Germany, UK to US.

One-Stop-Shop AV Wireless Solutions

As early as 1995, AITech has engaged in developing Global wireless transmission system. We are the first company who launched PC-to-TV Wireless solution (AirLink) in the same year. Based on over 15 years of wireless technology development and manufacture experience, AITech hereby in readiness announces as the leading brand in the field of AV wireless solutions.

To continue AITech’s spirit of innovation and creation, AITech is repositioning as the global leader in one-stop-shop solutions of audio/video wireless products. We realized that there was a need to greatly improve the market’s existing range of wireless AV transmission solutions. Recognizing that the existing wireless solutions often failed to meet customer’s expectations, we are determined to improve both the functionality and design of existing HDMI products, while at the same time delivering reliable, affordable and high-quality solutions for our customers.

Our goal of repositioning is to aggressively catch the markets of applications for HDTV, video gaming, Digital Signage, surveillance/home security…etc.

What We Provide

With AITech’s prestigious brand in PC-TV-Internet Video conversion, connections and convergence, AITech promises the most reliable and affordable one-stop-shop solutions of audio/video wireless products for AITech’s customers and prospects for many years to come.

We have following wireless products to offer customers one-stop-shop solutions:

  • Wireless HDMI:

ProA/V Media Extender — Wireless HDMI (http://aitech.com/wireless.hdmi.htm)
Wireless HDMI Advanced (http://aitech.com/products/wireless-hdmi.htm)

  • PC-to-TV Wireless:

ProPC/TV Wireless (http://aitech.com/products/pctvwireless.htm)
ProPC/TV Wireless Mini (http://aitech.com/pctv.mini.htm)

USB-to-HDMI solution

  • Video/Audio Wireless:

ProA/V Media Extender – 5GHz Digital (http://aitech.com/products/media-extender-digital.htm)
ProA/V 5.8GHz Wireless Media Extender (http://aitech.com/products/promedia58ghz.htm)
ProA/V Media Extender (http://aitech.com/products/avmediaextender.htm)
ProA/V Media Extender Mini (http://aitech.com/media.extender.mini.htm)

More Wireless Solutions will be added in 2011.
More information can be found online at http://www.aitech.com

About AITech International
Founded in 1987, AITech International Corporation is the industry leader in the development and delivery of PC to TV scan conversion technology. The company develops and markets PC to TV video scan conversion technology in integrated circuits, external system peripherals, and internal board-level products, for use in portable or desktop video, multimedia, imaging and other applications. Its patented VSPro^(TM) technology converts the computer’s VGA signal to NTSC and PAL TV standards. AITech’s high performance chips, boards and peripherals, including the best selling Pocket Scan Converter, AIGotcha!^(TM)2 video capture device and the AIT1168 single chip scan conversion integrated circuit, are marketed worldwide. AITech’s latest engineering accomplishment, the AIT2138, raises the performance standard as a feature rich, high resolution PC/TV single chip solution sure to dominate the global OEM TV display markets.

Source: AITech International

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