May 30, 2023

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AITech Introduce Wireless HDMI Advanced

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AITech International proudly announces the new addition to its line of Wireless Solutions – Wireless HDMI Advanced. This product allows users to stream digital data wirelessly through to a single High-Definition display unit in a variety of environments.

AITech Wireless HDMI Advanced is designed to bring the great benefits of digital-wireless technology to the applications of home entertainment, digital signage, business presentation/conference and video gaming. The Wireless HDMI Advanced delivers a plug-and-play method of extending audio/video signals wirelessly up to 130 feet in distance, with a perfect replication of HD video, and full digital and analog audio support for connecting HDMI sources. Featuring a performance unimpeded by line-of-sight operation, signals of source are capable of transmitting through walls to accommodate multiple-room installations. Wireless transmission speeds are achieved up to 300 Mbps, supporting even the severest requirements of High-Definition video applications.

Experienced Wireless Professionals
AITech has over 20 years experience in the audio/visual communications industry. Established by a group of dedicated engineers and professional designers, we realized that there was a need to greatly improve the market’s existing range of wireless AV transmission solutions. Recognizing that the existing wireless solutions often failed to meet customer’s expectations, we are determined to improve both the functionality and design of existing HDMI products, while at the same time delivering reliable, affordable and high-quality solutions for our customers.

Excellent HDMI Wireless Solution
Easy to install and use: We have developed the best wireless products in the market. Our products are designed to be easy to install and use.

Certifications approved: Our engineers have worked for years to create the best products. The CE, FCC, HDMI and BQE certifications assure the highest quality.

AITech Wireless HDMI Advanced is a sleek and functional transmitter. It’s an ideal solution for those who want to connect HDMI sources, such as Blu-Ray players, satellite set top boxes and gaming consoles. This is a plug and play device that functions without impediment from wires and cables going everywhere. Some additional features include:

* 128bit AES Encryption for secured wireless video transmission
* IR signal repeater so you can change channel from the receiving TV
* Motion JPEG compression Technology
* 40 meter LOS transmission system
* 20 – 30ms System Latency
* Supports: IR Blasting / 802.11h DFS / HDMI 1.3 / HDCP 1.1 & 1.2 / CEC

By using AITech Wireless HDMI Advanced, consumers can finally stream High-Definition content wirelessly to any device in any room, without the clutter of wires, and without having to sacrifice performance or content quality. For more details about AITech Wireless HDMI Advanced, please visit: (

About AITech Internationa

Founded in 1987, AITech International Corporation is the industry leader in the development and delivery of PC to TV scan conversion technology. The company develops and markets PC to TV video scan conversion technology in integrated circuits, external system peripherals, and internal board-level products, for use in portable or desktop video, multimedia, imaging and other applications. Its patented VSPro^(TM) technology converts the computer’s VGA signal to NTSC and PAL TV standards. AITech’s high performance chips, boards and peripherals, including the best selling Pocket Scan Converter, AIGotcha!^(TM)2 video capture device and the AIT1168 single chip scan conversion integrated circuit, are marketed worldwide. AITech’s latest engineering accomplishment, the AIT2138, raises the performance standard as a feature rich, high resolution PC/TV single chip solution sure to dominate the global OEM TV display markets.

Source: AITech International