April 2, 2023


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Singlewire Announces the Release of InformaCast 8.0

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InformaCast 8.0 makes it easier to send mass notification, emergency communication, and overhead paging to a growing number of systems and endpoint devices.

Singlewire Software (http://www.singlewire.com), developer of innovative voice applications centered around secure, fast, and reliable mass notification, today announced the release of InformaCast 8.0, an upgrade to the popular InformaCast notification platform.

Singlewire InformaCast is a full-featured, network-based mass notification, emergency communication, and overhead paging system that allows users to simultaneously send an audio and/or text message to a variety of endpoints including IP speakers, Cisco IP phones, overhead paging systems, computer desktops, digital signage, SMS text, social media sites, and more. InformaCast can also be used to send bell tones for passing bells in K-12 schools and shift changes in manufacturing environments.

Highlighting the release is a new and improved user interface and the addition of plugins (www.singlewire.com/plugins) which further expand the number of people that can be reached with an InformaCast broadcast.

“InformaCast users will immediately notice the changes the first time they open the application,” states Ken Bywaters, executive vice-president of product development at Singlewire Software. “The new plugin architecture makes it easy for organizations to quickly connect to a growing universe of systems and endpoint devices. It’s just like installing an app on your mobile phone.”

Several no-cost plugins are available with the release of InformaCast 8.0, giving users the ability to send broadcasts to email accounts, Twitter, and Facebook, and initiate broadcasts when an email containing certain text is received. A plugin for sending broadcast jobs to the SchoolMessenger notification service is also available for a small fee. New plugins will be released on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

The InformaCast platform for mass notification and emergency communication was developed in the weeks following the 9/11 attacks to evacuate federal buildings within 15 minutes. Over 3,000 organizations in 45 countries have implemented InformaCast as their notification and overhead paging system. It can be purchased through registered partners of Singlewire. For more information, including a one-minute video overview, and written documentation, visit www.singlewire.com/informacast.

About Singlewire Software

Singlewire, based in Madison, WI, develops and supports innovative voice applications centered around secure, fast, and reliable mass notification capabilities. Our main offerings include: InformaCast, InformaCast SE, PushToTalk, and RemotePhoneControl. To learn more, please visit www.singlewire.com.

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