Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Ayuda Shifts Media ERP Platform To Microsoft’s Azure Cloud

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Leading OOH/Digital OOH media management platform adds uncompromising agility and efficiency for clients through cloud computing; strengthens service levels and security

Ayuda Media Systems is giving media industry clients even more agility and efficiency to meet their shifting business demands by moving its Enterprise Resource Planning service to Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud computing platform.

Announced at this week’s Digital Signage Expo trade show in Las Vegas, the move to Azure allows Ayuda and its Out Of Home and Digital Out Of Home media clients around the globe to make on-demand changes in computer processing and data storage requirements using simple, web-based controls.

“We’ve run our own cloud service up until now and it has served us well, but moving to Azure gives us an incredible amount of flexibility in how we work with our customer,” says Andreas Soupliotis, President and CEO of Ayuda. “If we have a client contact us and say, ‘We need more CPU power’, we can literally go into the Azure control console online and add more horsepower with just a couple of clicks.”

Azure gives Montreal-based Ayuda instant scalability to meet any client demands for short-term, large-volume computing or batch processing. Microsoft’s global server farm footprint also markedly strengthens Ayuda’s service level and disaster recovery position. “Prospective customers challenge us on issues like redundancy and recovery processes, and while we’ve always had a good scheme in place, Azure makes us bulletproof,” explains Soupliotis.

Ayuda has redesigned and fully tested its applications to call into and interact with the Azure platform.

Digital Out Of Home media network operators can find out more about Ayuda’s cloud capabilities this week at the DSE 2011 trade show in Las Vegas, Feb. 23-24. Ayuda has an exhibit hall booth (# 1829), where it will be demonstrating its Splash™ ERP platform.

Splash™ is a comprehensive media management system for Digital OOH networks that includes asset management, granular scheduling and targeting, dynamic and static loop templates, peer-to-peer content distribution, and network monitoring. Splash™ ties in seamlessly with Ayuda’s BMS software suite, which includes modules for billing and invoicing, leasing, mapping, proof of performance, and reporting.

Ayuda executives will also be available to discuss the recently announced OpenSplash™, a free, multi-platform open source media player that can be driven by any digital signage/DOOH content management and scheduling system.

About Ayuda Media Systems

Ayuda, developers of BMS, Splash and Symphony, has been providing solutions for the OOH/DOOH industry for more than seven years, and has invoiced more than $250 million dollars in billings. The world’s most sophisticated and complete ERP system for DOOH networks includes functionality such as sales and proposal generation, invoicing, lease payouts, financial reporting, inventory management, scheduling, content management, mapping, and network monitoring, as well as a free software media player. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Ayuda was founded in 2003 by ex-Microsoft employees with the mission of providing modern tools that make OOH and Digital OOH easier to manage and buy.

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Source: Ayuda Media Systems

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