Monday, February 26, 2024

PPDS Announces Over 500,000 Philips MediaSuite TVs Sold Worldwide

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PPDS, the sole global distributor of Philips Professional Displays, proudly announced that sales of their Philips MediaSuite TVs have soared past the half-million mark. This achievement coincided with the ISE 2024 event, highlighting the growing trend of leading hotel chains adopting this innovative entertainment solution, known for its Chromecast built-in™ and Netflix ready™ capabilities, tailored specifically for enhancing guest room experiences.

Introduced to the hospitality market less than five years ago, the Philips MediaSuite has rapidly become synonymous with cutting-edge hotel TV solutions. Embraced by some of the most prestigious hotel groups worldwide, including Accor, Marriott, and Four Seasons among others, these TVs have redefined guest entertainment, marrying the comfort of home with the luxury of hotel stays.

Jeroen Verhaeghe, Global Business Development Director for Hospitality at PPDS and the visionary behind Philips MediaSuite, shared his insights from the ISE event. He highlighted the transformation in hotel TVs, which now cater to modern viewing habits, allowing guests to stream their content directly to the TVs from their personal devices, thus enhancing the overall guest experience.

Philips MediaSuite stands out as the only hospitality TV to incorporate Chromecast built-in™, offering guests a seamless connection to their favorite streaming services, including Apple TV+, Disney+, and more, directly on the big screen. This feature not only elevates the guest experience but also addresses security concerns by eliminating the need for external hardware and ensuring the automatic deletion of customer data upon check-out.

PPDS’ commitment to Android technology has further enriched the Philips MediaSuite with superior control and management capabilities from the backend. The company’s ‘Extended Lifetime’ promise ensures that these TVs age gracefully, receiving regular software updates to stay current, thereby maximizing investment and supporting sustainability goals by reducing electronic waste.

Additionally, the introduction of the Philips Professional Soundbar in September 2023 has taken the audiovisual experience in hotel guest rooms to new heights, promising an unmatched cinematic experience that deeply immerses guests in their entertainment of choice.

Verhaeghe expressed his gratitude towards the market’s reception and emphasized the ongoing innovation at PPDS. With the recent addition of exclusive content like DAZN and the promise of more to come, Philips MediaSuite TVs continue to set new standards in hospitality entertainment, offering a compelling mix of advanced features, security, and sustainability.

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