Monday, February 26, 2024

Samsung Unveils Next-Gen SmartThings Connectivity and Display Innovations at ISE 2024

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Samsung has unveiled its latest innovations in smart connectivity and display solutions at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024. The tech giant showcased its commitment to transforming business environments into interconnected smart spaces through advanced connectivity via SmartThings, alongside the introduction of groundbreaking display technologies tailored for educational and hybrid work settings.

Advanced Connectivity through SmartThings
Samsung’s SmartThings platform is set to revolutionize the way businesses manage space and energy, marking a leap towards creating efficient, interconnected smart spaces. This initiative aims to cater to a broad spectrum of business customers, from small and mid-sized businesses to large enterprises, by offering solutions that automate and optimize environmental conditions such as lighting, temperature, humidity, and air quality.

With SmartThings, businesses can look forward to managing their operations more efficiently, thanks to routines that automate space management and SmartThings AI Energy Mode that aids in reducing energy consumption through intelligent asset management. Moreover, the SmartThings Enterprise API offers a customizable device ecosystem, ensuring seamless connectivity across a diverse range of devices and enhancing system reliability. This platform is poised for a global release in the first half of 2024, promising to open new avenues for smart device management across various industries​​​​.

Google EDLA-Certified Interactive Displays for Education
At ISE 2024, Samsung also announced the launch of its first Google Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA)-certified interactive display, the WAD series, expected to debut in the first half of 2024. Designed with education in mind, these displays, available in 65-, 75-, and 86-inch models, are powered by Android™ 13 and offer a seamless, intuitive learning experience. They provide access to a plethora of educational apps through Google Play and various Google services, setting a new standard for interactive learning.

The WAD series is engineered to meet the highest safety and reliability standards, ensuring durability even in challenging environments such as those prone to electrical surges or high humidity. Additionally, the Device Management Solution (DMS) enhances convenience by enabling remote monitoring and control of classroom displays​​​​.

Partnering with Cisco for Hybrid Work Experience
In response to the evolving needs of the modern workplace, Samsung expanded its partnership with Cisco, unveiling the 105-inch, 21:9 Smart Signage QPD-5K model optimized for hybrid work environments. This collaboration aims to enhance video conferencing experiences, making remote participation as engaging as being physically present. The QPD-5K model, designed to support immersive collaboration, is compatible with Cisco Room Kit EQ and certified for Microsoft Teams, offering a panoramic view and an intuitive video conferencing experience​​​​.

Transparent MICRO LED Technology Unveiled
A highlight of Samsung’s presentation was the European debut of its Transparent MICRO LED technology, first unveiled globally at CES 2024. This technology represents a breakthrough in display clarity and customization, offering unparalleled transmittance and precision manufacturing to eliminate seams and light refraction. It’s set to transform retail and exhibition spaces by allowing displays to convey information without obstructing the view of actual products behind them​​.

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