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PPDS opens European ‘Master Showroom’ Highlighting the Innovation of Philips Professional Displays and Software

The eco-friendly 2,368 ft² showroom in Amsterdam, the company’s home market

Amsterdam – PPDS, the global leader in providing Philips digital signage, interactive displays, videowalls, direct view LED, professional TVs, and complementary solutions, has opened its cutting-edge Master Showroom in Amsterdam. Located just 15 minutes from Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam city center, this state-of-the-art facility offers a convenient and sustainable environment for partners, customers, and visitors to explore the latest in display technology.

A Sustainable 2,368 ft² Showcase

This new Master Showroom spans two floors, featuring an 8.5-meter ceiling and mezzanine, and has received an impressive A-grade Energy Label classification, signifying its status as an exceptionally energy-efficient facility. In alignment with the recent European Parliament directive to reduce energy consumption in buildings, PPDS demonstrates its commitment to sustainability, offering a broad range of energy-efficient solutions that cater to diverse market verticals.

Visitors to the showroom will experience groundbreaking displays, including the award-winning ‘zero-power’ 25” Philips Tableaux Advanced Colour ePaper (ACeP) display and the debut of the 32” Philips Tableaux 5150 featuring E Ink’s Spectra™ 6 technology.

Martijn van der Woude, VP Global Marketing and Business Development at PPDS, stated, “Sustainability is not about good PR; it is about taking decisive action, which is one of the key inspirations behind our new PPDS Master Showroom.”

A Digital Hive of Activity

The Master Showroom serves as a dynamic hub for digital innovation and collaboration. It boasts two 270 ft² dedicated corporate and hospitality offices, five supersized direct view LED (dvLED) displays, and over thirty digital signage, interactive displays, and business TV models, all designed to cater to a variety of applications and pixel pitches.

The ground floor features a striking 3 x 6m Philips LED 7000 Series display, setting the stage for an array of solutions for sectors such as retail, education, hospitality, food and beverage, transportation, and public venues. These solutions include the Philips Signage D-Line and P-Line displays, Philips Interactive T-Line and E-Line displays, and the innovative zero-power Philips Tableaux ePaper display. A dedicated meeting room showcases corporate solutions, including the Philips Collaboration C-Line Series and a Philips Business TV B-line, along with a range of 10” Philips Interactive T-Line multi-touch displays.

On the upper floor, a hotel room setup highlights the range of hospitality solutions available with Philips MediaSuite TV Series featuring Chromecast built-in™ and Netflix-ready. The mezzanine showcases two FHD Philips 6000 dvLED displays, measuring 110” (1.2pp) and 137” (1.5pp). Additionally, the Master Showroom highlights PPDS’ partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing through the installation of the Red Bull Racing F1 driving simulator.

Fully Connected and Sustainable

To showcase the advanced capabilities of Philips Professional Displays, all Android SoC displays in the Showroom are connected to the PPDS Wave ecosystem, providing a demonstration of remote device management and control on both local and global scales.

Ron Cottaar, Global Marketing Director, stated, “With the introduction of these spaces, each strategically placed to bring local access around the globe, we are delighted to open our first PPDS Master Showroom in EMEA, with more to follow across the continents, reflecting our capabilities and values as a business, while helping to unlock potential in the market.”

Martijn van der Woude concluded, “Today, our PPDS Studios are a hub for bringing our people, partners, and customers together and creating new opportunities and ideas that may not have been possible otherwise. This Master Showroom, together with our network of PPDS Studios, provides us with a perfect space for hosting team and partner events, mixing business with pleasure in a high-tech, high-quality, convenient venue. I cannot wait to welcome visitors to our new Master Showroom in Amsterdam.”

For more information and to schedule a visit to the PPDS Master Showroom in Amsterdam, please contact local PPDS sales manager or visit PPDS Website https://ppds.com

PPDS Amsterdam Master Showroom Location Map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/Rv4DpXQkWpUVMco29

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