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Sharp/NEC Sets the Stage for Cinematic Brilliance with Innovative Laser Projectors

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CHICAGO – Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America (SNDSA), a prominent global leader in the projector and display industry, in partnership with Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), has proudly introduced its latest innovations in the world of digital cinema. The newly unveiled NC603L and NC1503L Laser Projectors represent cutting-edge advancements that promise speckle-free, high-quality images and streamlined installation procedures.

The Digital Cinema Projector Series is now enriched by the incorporation of the NC1503L Laser Projector, boasting the state-of-the-art RB Laser Phosphor technology, which has seen continuous refinement over decades. This technology delivers an exceptional, speckle-free, high-quality image, ensuring an immersive cinematic experience. Meanwhile, the NC603L employs blue laser with phosphor technology to achieve the same high-quality, speckle-free images tailored for smaller screens. An extraordinary aspect of these projectors is their internal chillers, eliminating the need for external cooling systems and providing cinema owners with more installation flexibility.

The omission of an external chiller and the inclusion of Laser Phosphor Technology come with numerous benefits, particularly in terms of installation and cost savings. The compact size of these projectors allows for hassle-free ceiling-mount installations within theaters and projection booths. Additionally, laser technology generates less heat compared to traditional lamp-based projection systems, thereby reducing HVAC requirements and overall operational costs for both new and retrofit projects.

Richard McPherson, Senior Product Manager for Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., commented on these advancements, stating, “Advancements in technology have allowed the NC1503L to utilize the smaller cabinet design of the NC1202L and NC1402L while delivering 14,000 lumens in the same sized unit. The addition of the NC603L and NC1503L completes our Digital Cinema Projector Series line-up while at the same time offering flexible installation both in the projection booth and the theater itself.”

The new NC603L and NC1503L Laser Projectors feature built-in laser light sources, making them an ideal choice for theaters with small and mid-sized screens seeking top-quality cinema projection. Their reliability, maintenance-free operation, and approximately 50,000 hours of lifetime contribute to a lower total cost of ownership. Furthermore, with 2K Digital Cinema Institute (DCI) compliance, the NC603L can display an outstanding image, delivering 14 ft-L on screens up to 36.1ft (11m), while the NC1503L can do so on screens up to 55.4ft (16.9m) in DCI color.

Sharp/NEC’s innovative heat exchanger and a newly developed sealed optical engine ensure optimal performance while safeguarding the image quality, preserving the perfect movie-going experience by preventing airborne contaminants from entering the optical engine. Moreover, the NC1503L and NC603L operate at remarkably low noise levels, with the NC1503L emitting 50dB and the NC603L only 39dB, ensuring that they won’t disrupt the theater atmosphere.

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